Foram Worldwide: Your Passport to Unique Vegetarian Journeys


Discover the world with Foram Worldwide, the premier name in vegetarian travel. Our mission is to provide pure vegetarian travelers with unforgettable experiences and home-cooked meals prepared by our Rajasthani Maharaj.

Off-Beat Destinations, Distinctive Tours: We specialize in off-beat destinations and offer exclusive Fixed Group Departures worldwide, accompanied by our esteemed Rajasthani Maharaj.

Culinary Excellence: Our unique selling point is the culinary journey we offer. Our Rajasthani Maharaj crafts delicious meals, with no hidden charges; everything is included in the tour cost.

For Vegetarians Worldwide: We cater to vegetarians globally, with a focus on Gujarati and Jain communities.

Innovation Leaders: Since 2006, we’ve been at the forefront of travel innovation, introducing culinary experts and unique experiences.

Expert Team: Our team of 60 well-trained professionals, including in-house tour leaders, ensures a seamless journey without freelancers.

Strategic Collaborations: We collaborate with religious organizations for special group tours.

Customer Satisfaction: Our 95% customer satisfaction rate speaks to our commitment to excellence.

Global Presence: With offices in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat, USA, and Dubai, we’re everywhere you want to go.

Rajasthani Maharaj: Our Rajasthani Maharaj, skilled chefs from Rajasthan, accompany you on every tour, serving fresh, homely meals.