We have had such amazing international trips with Foram worldwide (from Greece to Morocco! ) We have had trips with old friends and met new friends along the way. Foram organizes the tour perfectly and caters to everyone’s needs along the way. Everyday, there is delicious variety of Indian vegetarian food and I appreciate all the vegetarian meals. The team is warm, welcoming and have genuine smiles on their faces. Foram ensured everyone was not only comfortable with the tour and surroundings, but also enjoyed themselves! We recommend this tour to anyone our age who has the opportunity to travel.

Vijay Tewar

Embarking on a journey with Foram Worldwide Tours to the enchanting lands of Greece and Morocco was an experience that exceeded all expectations. From the moment we set foot on the ancient soil of Greece, with its rich history and breathtaking landscapes, to the vibrant and sensory-filled streets of Morocco, every aspect of the trip was meticulously planned and executed with precision. Greece greeted us with the warm Mediterranean sun and the iconic whitewashed buildings of Santorini, where the azure waters seemed to merge seamlessly with the sky. The Acropolis stood proudly in Athens, whispering tales of yore as we wandered through ruins steeped in mythology. The culinary delights, from freshly prepared Indian Gujarati cuisine, succulent olives to fresh feta, were a constant treat for our taste buds. Transitioning to Morocco, the contrast was palpable yet equally mesmerizing. The bustling souks of Marrakech, with their kaleidoscope of colors and fragrances, offered an array of artisanal treasures. Foram Worldwide Tours ensured a seamless experience, with accommodations that perfectly balanced comfort and authenticity. Their knowledgeable guides became the bridge between us and the local culture, providing insights that enriched our understanding and appreciation of each destination. In summary, this journey was not just a trip but a tapestry of memories woven with the threads of adventure, culture, and camaraderie. For those seeking to explore the wonders of Greece and Morocco, Foram Worldwide Tours comes highly recommended for an unforgettable voyage. A special thanks to a special lady Foram, who personally joined us and treated us with velvet gloves.

Mahesh Patel

Hello Foram & team!! I can never thank you enough. But this is a start. Some people deserve more than thank you. Just like you. Thank you for turning our “Greece/Morocco” journey from April 3rd to 16th 2024 into an unforgettable experience ... from start to End. Your team has showered :US: ALL with kindness, hospitality, patience and most importantly perfection,,,,!! We have also enjoyed vegetarian breakfast, lunch & dinner!!!! You have spoiled :US: all!!! Your presence truly elevated our trip, making it a delightful and memorable journey for both of us . Looking forward to join you in future trips around the world Best wishes always!!! Hemal & Shailesh Desai (Chicago)

Hemal Desai

We enjoyed the tour to Japan managed by Foram Worldwide with each one of us. We appreciate the manner Mr Vinay Bhai and Mr. Mark guided the tour and his adherence to time schedule. Thanking every one with sweet Memories.

Padam Betala

From start to finish, my experience with FORAM WORLDWIDE was exceptional. They served hot and delicious meals everyday..thank you to the team,Their attention to detail, seamless planning, and friendly staff made my trip unforgettable. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a hassle-free and memorable travel experience.

Arun Patel

Foram Worldwide is an excellent tour organizer. We have taken multiple tours with the group. They are very professional in transportation and food. We will recommend it to people who are thinking of seeing a different country. They take care of people personally.

Laxman Parmar

We went to Japan on 1st April,2024 with Foram worldwide Tours, And we had an amazing time. Tour Itinerary was very well organized and followed. Our Tour manager Mr.Dinesh Shah was very kind, helpful and approachable, he took care of all the tings very well. Mr.Dinesh Shah was accompanied by local tour guide Mr.Jupiter, and he was fantastic. Mr.Jupiter explained us everything with the smiling face all the time and help us with every question we had. Mr.Jupiter made this tour memorable for us. Additionally, Food prepared by both Maharaj was delicious and they served us the food with happy face all the time. Overall It was a fantastic experience with Foram Worldwide, Japan is a must visit destination.

Ruchit Desai

Great experience throughout the Japan Tour. Jay Desai, our dynamic tour guide went beyond the call of duties to help each one of us. Our group also developed bonding with each other during the trip and that made it easy to make experience great. Tasty Indian food was provided daily with smile on the face. In spite of few rainy days, we had no dull moments. Japanese tour guide Micha made sure all of us made it safely to airport and checked in to our flights. We will be soon planning next tour once rested enough. All the best, Foram Worldwide.

Madhusudan Desai

Japan Cherry Blossom Tour: Fantastic tour. Awesome company. Delicious food. Never thought we left India. Full stomach always gets good reviews. Whatever food my granddaughter required was promptly provided by our ever smiling chefs. Top it all with the patient & firm handling of all Co-passengers whether old or 5 kids/infants by the group leader, Mr. Dinesh bhai was amazing. He deftly managed to gel our disparse group together.

Sundip Raisoni

We took Japan tour with Forum 16 persons from Houston and the service was excellent starting with Viral and Forum Shah organizing our tour as we needed with best hotels Our tour manager Jai Desai was excellent he really took care of everyone as a family Food was also great and we really had good time

Jagruti Shah

We had a wonderful tour of the Arctic region in March '24 with Foram worldwide. It was a lifetime experience with them. Credit to them for conducting such a premium tour successfully without any complaint, and that speaks for their experience.

Samir Kadakia

My wife and myself are 70 years old senior citizens but went to lap land to see Northern Lights with Foram w/w as this was left over from our bucket list. Let me tell you the way tour was managed was superb. Foram herself came with us & she took great care of all of us. The entire group was excellent & food was amazing , tasty, and piping hot even though snow all around us. Special transport was arranged to pick us up and drop upto the room in igloo hotel. All Hotels were also good. We strongly recommend to go for international tours with Foram.

Ajit Mehta

Best services given by them made home cooked food and very good combination with the guide it was the best

Nilam Soni

We travelled to the Arctic Region and I would say it was one of my best trips so far and all Thanks to Foram Worldwide. Food, accomodation and activities was all upto the mark . Northern lights couldn't get any more Beautiful with such a good company along. Can definitely recommend one to go ahead with Foram Worldwide.

Metal House

We had wonderful tour of Artic organised by FWW, it was our 1st tour with FWW and really it exceeded our expections in every way. From visa applications to sight seeing to food everything was just excellent and managed very professionally. And most important they provide vegetarian and JAIN FOOD which was so so tasty. They have their own Maharaj who prepares delicious jain food with new varieties everyday. Forum herself is just amazing person, we had so much fun with her. She managed everything so well and calmly. Vinay and Sahil were also great tour managers. We had beautiful and unforgettable memories ..We are really glad that we chose FWW. I would really recommend to everyone to go for it. Thank you so much Forum and entire team of FWW for good hospitality and mesmerizing experience.

Maitri Bheda

Me & my wife have recently travelled to Arctic Circle at Finland besides Sweden &Norway. Entire experience was amazing & Ms. Forum had personally taken care of all sr. Citizen . The food during entire journey was excellent.We really enjoyed great.I strongly recommend Forum tour to all of you.

Hemant Kothari

Recently visited Singapore with Foram worldwide and we had a great experience. Our tour guide Jayesh was just the best.

Arpita Patange

I really enjoyed the trip with Foram tours to this exotic destination.Authentic jain(veg) food is like icing on the cake.Apreciate personalised care by Foram & her staff.Highly recommended.

Deepti Shishodiya

Travel the world with best comfort....Travel the world with Foram... We have had 3 trips with Foram world wide covering 6 countries and i can assure you there is hardly anyone remotely as good as them.... They handle everything from visa application to managing flights. Trip Itinerary are very inclusive and covers all attractions and adventures to give you an amazing experience. Coming to the highlight - *Food* - Every trip has atleast one or a team of well trained Chefs. Trust me the food is sooo good that your weight will surely increase after the trip. Jains and Vegetarian ... please kindly note that gone are the days where you could not travel to offbeat places just because of non-availability of Veg restaurants. ... -- FORAM HAI TOH MUMKIN HAI.... Foram Shah herself is one of the sweetest person i have met. She is so calm and also very very smart. We were lucky she had accompanied us to 2 of our trips Anil and Janvi have very well handled our visa and tickets related works. Vinay and Sahil were also really great tour managers. We have built great memories ..... Thanks a lot Foram Viral and Entire team of Foram World Wide..

Ashvi Shah

Dear foram and team, Thank you very much for amazing experience of Arctic tour. Excellent food and services. Although places we visited Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Norway were itself superb but your well coordinated plan made it really memorable. Overall fantastic experience, we enjoyed a lot. Thanks Regards

Dr Vishal Jain

We travelled to Arctic region with Foram worldwide...we had an amazing time....the itinerary was nice..all activities were thrilling and fun filled. Foram herself was with us in the trip and she and Sahil who too was with us managed the whole trip very efficiently and professionally. Foram makes every one feel so comfortable and personally takes care of everyone. The chefs who travelled with us made such delicious food and served us .The whole team's efficiency is commendable.

rashmi nitin

It was our first tour with Foram Worldwide. Great hospitality and high service standards. Personalised attention by Ms. Foram during the entire tour. Variety of pure vegetarian food with best quality, served during the entire tour taking care of specific preferences of guests across all age group on tour. FWW’s kitchen caravan is obviously a USP. Will highly recommend touring with FWW to all who would like to have tours with great peace of mind. Thank you FWW for taking good care of us and making our Arctic experience memorable for rest of our lives. Best wishes.

Sammit Joshi

Mr patel from USA travel to Vietnam on 5th feb , excellent tour with delicious food cooked by Kamlesh maharaj and big thanks to Jayesh Bhai for good service Foram tours thank u

Vinny Patel

Vietnam tour 7th Feb with my friends 8 passengers Tour was excellent and special thanks to jayesh Bhai for good service and kindheart person Kamlesh maharaj fullfill all our menu really enjoyed Thanks to foram world-wide

Saurabh Bhatt

5 star service 5star experience lavish denaar and launch by Maharaj .Totol tour cost recover very very nice experience thankyou foram world team specialy thanks foram madam all team

Mukesh Shingavi

Great trip to Singapore! The guide was very cooperative and friendly. Would just like to suggest improvement in terms of food and stay.

Twisha Shah

Kudos to Sanket and Abhay for managing Dubai tour so well. It was my parents first international trip and they really had a good experience. From food to sightseeing everything was very well planned. We are already referring you to our friends and family hope you have a referral policy. Would also like to highlight that we had face some ineffective communication from Mr Dhruv Gada (Booking team). Hope you improve on that for us to give you 5 star for on our next trip

Ankit Parmar

It was a wonderful experience traveling with Forum Worlwide tours. One of the most memorable And best tour of Malaysia and Singapore. Big thanks to our tour managaer MR JAYESH BHAI for guidance and full filling our all requirement. Big thanks to him. All foods and our room provide was awesome. It was 7 star Experience.

Komal Surana

Mr Raj jain with my family visit Malaysia n Singapore we really enjoyed with jayesh bhai and good maharaj food and awesome service by jayesh thanks foram tour ever think on time and planned well

Raj Jain

Amazing tip with foram worldwide and Jayesh bhai good person with great knowledge n excellent service specially Malaysia n Singapore thank u jayesh bhai once again see u next tip sure

Yogesh Sheth

we had a splendid experience for our recent trip for Far East Asia. Our Guide Mr. Jayesh catered and helped us amazingly during the entire Tour. The best part was that he not only suggested us with better options but also showed us with the best shopping places and good sight seeing options. A total 5 star experience for the Far East

Nirali Damani

Excellent service from both Tour manager Bhavin bhai & Chef Gowardhan ji during our New Zealand trip. The tour manage ensured that people report on given time, gave advance information about the activities planned and even the sight seeing details / history, if any, was nicely shared. Though the tourist count was lower, Bhavin bhai managed all the transportations, breakfast , lunch and dinner times superbly. Gowardhan ji was an excellent cook and we never felt that we are out of home for 2 weeks. Excellent food taste , variety of Indian dishes ( some even as per our requests), no food shortage and sweet after every meal was the hallmark. Weight of everyone in the tour increased by couple of kgs due to luxurious treatment from both Bhavin bhai and Gowardhan ji. Best wishes to them for their future endeavours.

hemant jain

We 10 person decided to visit New Zealand & selected heena tours. Let us write that our decision to go with heena travel was right & we enjoyed our New Zealand tour more than our expectations. One special things to be mentioned hear about our tour guide Mr bhavin, very knowledgeable person,& nicely gave history of all tourist points. A committed, competent & sincerely make our tour enjoyable Maharaj prepared all vegetarian foods , tasty, of different varieties & exceptionally wonderful We recommend heena tours

Vinod Joshi

We enjoyed our new Zealand tour beyond our expectations. It was nicely managed & well organised We enjoyed vegetarian & jain tasty food prepared by maharaj. Our tour guide bhavinbhai took utmost care of all of us & explained all tourist points This will remain in our memory Thanks

Prakash Shah

Tour was extremely well managed. Bhavinbhai seems to be seasoned manager & also a very good tour guide. Gordhan maharaj is very polite & excellent Cook,he has entertained everybody with his verities of food items. Maybe, ours team is lucky, so that all the advantages comes to us from manager & Maharaj

Dr.B.I.PATEL Fetal Medicine Expert

Strongly recommend this tour. Delicious food vegetarian food was provided. Tour guide bhavinbhai was friendly, competent & committed to his work .

Rita Sanghavi

We have a wonderful tour of New Zealand organized by Heena Travel, and it exceeded our expectations in every way. From the breathtaking landscapes to the incredible experiences, everything was perfectly planned and executed. One of the highlights of the tour was the delicious food prepared by Maharaj. Every meal was a sensory delight, and we were treated to a variety of pure vegetarian Indian & jain foods. The flavors were authentic and leaving us wanting more after each meal. Our guide, Bhavin, deserves a special mention for his exceptional work throughout the trip. He was incredibly knowledgeable and insightful about the various destinations we visited. His friendly and approachable nature made everyone feel comfortable, and he went above and beyond to ensure that everyone had a fantastic time. The tour consisted of 14 people, and we couldn't have asked for a better group to share this experience with. The camaraderie and shared excitement added a special touch to the journey. Overall, we would rate this tour a solid 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. The attention to detail, the high-quality services provided by Heena Travel, and the incredible experiences we had all contributed to making this a memorable trip. We highly recommend Heena Travel for anyone planning to visit New Zealand. Few recommendation 1 - Drinking Water should be provided in bus 2- Tour should have package including flight tickets fairHote 3- Morning continental breakfast in hotel should have some Indian items. 4- Hotels in Auckland & Christchurch was not upto our expectations. We definitely give first choice to heena travels for our next tour Thanks


Excellent group tour highly recommended

Aarti Khaitan

Amazing…! Actually, the words are not enough for the all services provided during the tour. The best experience ever..! The trip was awesome, and we enjoyed a lot. We went to Singapore Malaysia tour with Foram worldwide travel during Christmas 2023. Unforgettable experience..! Our Tour leader Mr. Jayesh Amin has managed very well, and Jayesh Bhai has taken care of us like his own family member. Very helpful and supportive, actually No words for Jayesh Bhai. He creates the best forever memories which we will never forget and even my kids are missing all our group members and our tour leader Jayesh Bhai. All credit goes to Jayesh Bhai for this memories and unforgettable experience for us and for my kids…!! All the transfers, sightseeing, food, and all were very well managed. Food provided by Milapbhai was amazing, never repeated the same cuisine in those seven days.! Food was simply delicious. Highly recommend..!!

Pratik Trivedi

Improve locations accuracy and no entry / closed road

Devang Shah

Highly recommended! Superb experience We went to Singapore Malaysia tour with Foram worldwide travel. We were extremely satisfied with them. Mr. Jayesh, the tour manager, has proven to be very courteous and helpful from the very beginning, trying to organize at the best our trip in the eight days available. The guides and drivers are very professional and friendly, the accomodations simply superb. I also would like to acknowledge Mr. Milap, an amazing chef and the various cuisines he cooked for us in our entire duration was simply delicious. I highly recommend it, Mr Jayesh will turn your trip into an unforgettable experience!

Anjali Mehta

We had a gala time in the Singapore Malaysia Christmas 2023 tour with Foram travels.Covered many attractions in a week. Excellent management and superb hospitality by our tour manager,Jayeshbhai Amin...and Delicious Jain food of all cuisine ..on exact time by cook, Milapbhai . Our heartfelt thanks to Foram travels for making this trip a memorable and a lifetime experience.

Jignesh Shah

Excellent tour management , excellent food all over the tour

santosh Bhandari

Excellent services! Really recommend to everyone! Our tour manager Jayesh Amin is just excellent he provides services up to the mark , also the food cooked by maharaj was way too nice ! We really thank foram worldwide and jayesh amin for this good hospitality and services. Regards, Joshi family

Khushi Joshi

I came to Malaysia Singapore tour with jayesh bhai food was superb the tour was superb I enjoyed every second of it

Rishi Rawal (Ricky9603)

Tour manager jyesh he is good trat for asa ciniar citizan

Jagdish Thakkar

Very exciting experience and enjoyed a lot in Malaysia and Singapore....Special thanks to Jayesh as a great tour operator and Milap Bhai for serving Indian food all the way......

Hitesh chaudhari

Went on a tour with them from 21-27, It included Malaysia and Singapore. The tour was awesome and had great fun. The tour organisers jayesh did a great job of handling the tour

Manthan Shah

Very well Organised tour with nicely prepared Meal by Kishanbhai. He has looked after all of us very well. All options for the good tour like Sightseeing, Tour Guide, Tour conductor, food etc all 100% . We recommend Forum tour to all who want to enjoy travelling.

Nandita Mehta


Poonam Vakil

A very enjoyable guided experience of the beautiful country Vietnam. The company provided a well-balanced itinerary and the food prepared by Kishanbhai was to die for! Thank you Foram Worldwide Team!

Kunj Mehta

We traveled with group of 22 people From USA to Fiji, New Zealand and Australia for 24 Days tour and it was fantastic tour with Day 1 to last Day. Hotel Accommodation, sightseeing and Best vegetarian food which was offered By Govardhan Maharaj throughout the Tour. Tour Manager Bhavin Bhai also took the extra care towards all the members of the group. It is the No1 Tour company till now which we have travelled. So will always say CHALO FORAM KE SANG.

Rohit Patel

Hi my name is yogi patel Boston USA I tour Newzeland with bhavin I enjoy he was knowledgeable excellent service and very nice person

Yogendra Patel

We choose Heena (Foram) tour for 4th time, Satisfied with tour plan, Tour Manager (Kishanbhai purohit) and Specially With Food , Thanks

Nilesh Gada

We have a good time and pleasure journey with unbelievable staff , always friendly and helpful, very patient with us Delicious food and walking distance treating us as a family members so happy to meet all the staff Restaurant, hotel and of course very very thanks to kishanbhai he did lot for us and one of our friends passed away he came with munir bhai and helped us to finish all procedures , thanks words is not enough for them but we really appreciate all the staff bottom of our hearts God blessed to all hopefully see you all again soon

Paresa Patel

We visited Iceland the land of ice and fire. The place was surreal can’t express in words . Our tour guide Jay Desai was just fabulous he made sure about our comfortness first . We mostly covered everything in Iceland because of our tour guide . Food was just wow Ramesh maharaj made everything delicious. I highly recommend this tour to all . Niraj & Bhavika Shah

Bhavika shah

My recent excursion to Turkey with Foram Worldwide was an absolute delight, mainly due to the exceptional efforts of Tour Manager Dinesh and the culinary expertise of Chefs Sampat and Ganpat. Dinesh's guidance throughout the trip was invaluable. Moreover, the culinary offerings curated by Chefs Sampatbhai and Ganpatbhai were a highlight of the journey. Their mastery in crafting authentic Indian delicacies was impressive. From the heavenly Gulab Jamun to the perfectly crisp Jalebis, every dish was a treat.Their willingness to prepare exclusive items upon request is also much appreciated and made this trip a memorable dining experience for us. Heartfelt thanks to Foram Worldwide, Dinesh, Chef Sampatbhai, and Ganpatbhai for making this Turkish adventure a truly remarkable one.

Prasanna Surana

It was a great experience with mr bhavin as our tour manager and mr gowardhan as our chef everything was great overall

Rushikesh Rakholiya

Hi Dineshbhai and Foram Team, With great pleasure we hereby write to you, regarding our trip to Turkey which was organized by Mr. Dineshbhai of Foram Worldwide Tour. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for compiling such a wonderful tour for us. Everything went very smoothly. At no occasions did we find any lack of coordination. We could really enjoy Turkey without any hassle because of your wonderful arrangements. We thank you once again and will look forward to many more such trips with you. Warm Regards, Dr. Kesha & Neeta Ramolia

kesha ramolia

My name is Rajesh Jain from Chennai I was in 15 November 2023 with Dinesh shah the Turkey tour with Dinesh Bhai was rocking he was the best person I have seen ever he was very helpful all the time he never saw the time he was so responsible that even we call in early morning or even in midnight he was always there great going Dinesh Bhai it's was the best tour with Foram world wide the food was also really good thanks Dinesh Bhai for making our tour a memorable one great going hope to see you soon

Rajesh Jain

very well planned tour covering all major places and good stay options Accompanied by Maharaj who cooked delicious vegetarian food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This was our fourth international tour with Foram. highly recommendable for international tours

Hinal Shah

Best Tour Service provider to travel with family. Best vegetarian food (even jain food ) combinations both desi and fast food by Maharaj. We have travelled to New Zealand, Switzerland, Paris, Hongkong with Foram( also known as Heena Tours previously) Tour manager is very cooperative and the tour management is organised properly.

Kunal Lodaya

With Foram Worldwide it's always an amazing experience.The food and the hospitality of our Tour Manager Dineshbhai Shah during the entire trip was great.The trip to Turkey was fabulous.The locations covered by Foram were wonderful.Best wishes to Foram from Vijay,Bhavna and Maitry.


Hello.. this is my third time traveling with FWW. Everything is just so comfortable with FWW. We had an amazing time on our trip. We went to turkey and everything was just made so smooth for us by our tour manager Mr. Dinesh. He is one man army and always available at service no matter what time and situation. Really looking forward to travel in future with FWW. Payal and ketan dhanak.

Payal Soni

Our trip to Turkey with Foram Worldwide was a blast! Huge shoutout to Dinesh Shah, our amazing tour guide. His passion and knowledge made every site come alive – he's the real MVP of this journey! And let's talk about Chefs Sampatbhai and Ganpatbhai – their Indian dishes were a taste of home in Turkey, especially the KHICHHU. Seriously, those flavors made our trip even more awesome. Foram Worldwide, you rock! Thanks for an unforgettable experience. Dineshbhai you made our trip truly special. Highly recommend Foram Worldwide for an incredible adventure!

jai bafna

15/11/2023 TURKEY TOUR SAGAR SHAH It was an amazing tour and our guide Me Dinesh Bhai he was very helpful and he really managed all things very amazingly. Lovely hotels, lovely food management and very cooperative. So overall we rocked Thanks once again Foram Worldwide .. And mainly Dinesh Bhai thanks a tonn

Sagar Shah

I recently travelled with Family to Dubai with Forum Tours. The tour experience was nice and we had a very good time. The transfers, food, and sightseeing all were very well managed. On the arrival at Dubai Hotel, I was not satisfied with the Hotel Rooms. I reached out to tour manager Mr Kishanbhai Purohit. He was very prompt and cooperative. He took the issue on priority and resolved the matter to satisfaction. I thank Forum travels for providing such a memorable Dubai trip and hope they will continue there good service in future.

Pratik Parekh

Jayeshbhai has taken care just like family member , no words for him and Delicious food by kishan Bhai as we were feeling like home food in Heena tours.Thanks to forum tours

pranay bhanushali


Nehal Rathod

Excellent treatment given by Jayeshbhai and he is best guide Thankfully to him I can see all my trip

Vijay Modi

really good tour manager jayesh bhai had great tip with him n foram tours enjoyed lot next time foram tours again for future trips Jayesh bhai great knowledge and good food by Maharaj kishanlal

Rakesh Sheth

It's was great tour with foram tour Jayesh bhai very helpful n caring n good knowledge

Ishaan Shah

My self mr paresh chamariya with my family booked farest tour . We really enjoyed everything was good specially Jayesh bhai very helpful n carrying thank u foram tours


Had a wonderfull experience my family ..... tour manager jay bhai was very kind and helpful every time..

Mayank Shah

We really enjoyed d trip…Our tour manager was very kind and helpful. He was always there for us. Our are totally satisfied with the trip.

Samruddhi Shah

It was a great trip with Foram world wide tours. Every thing was taken care in a very good way Special mention for the tour operator Jay Desai who was excellent in his job and took very good care of the group The food during the tour was very delicious and special thanks to Ramesh and Kamlesh Maharaj We would recommend that Foram world 6is best for Iceland

sadhana jasani

We went to Iceland for 10 days with Foram worldwide and had a great time and very good experience. The whole tour was very nicely organized with good hotels and great sightseeing. We would highly recommend this tour company for Iceland tour. The tour guide Jay Desai was the best and very helpful and good in nature. He showed us everything that was mentioned in the tour itinerary. Also a special mention for the food served in the whole tour was excellent with different cuisine for dinner every night. The 2 chefs Ramesh Maharaj and Kamlesh Maharaj were excellent and served delicious food for lunch and dinner for 10 days. We would definitely go for more tours with Foram worldwide In which Jay Desai is the tour guide. Wishing all the best

Tricolour Enterprises

We enjoyed a lot with Foram Worldwide at Iceland, the most perfect and amazing experience at Iceland, Foram Worldwide almost covers all sight seeing places in Iceland they are very expert with lot of experience. They serve very tasty jain and vegetarian fresh food daily prepared and the kitchen caravan is always with you, And the tour organizer Jay Desai was amazing as he cared a lot for each and everyone in the group and has a wide experience of tourism, I sincerely recommend Jay Desai to be my tour organizer on my next trip. I recommend Foram Worldwide Travel to everyone who wants to explore places all around the world.

S Jasani

We had a wonderful experience at iceland . The staff and the arrangements we top class . Would recommend everyone to travel with Foram holidays

Anju Tolia

I had lot of fun It was a amazing experience Once in a lifetime experience

Ashok Tolia

It was a wonderful experience traveling with Forum Worlwide tours. One of the most memorable and best tours of our Iives. We were more than 10 couples and all were senior citizens. The care taken by Jay Desai and his team was outstanding. Really appreciate the hard work, efforts and hospitality of entire group. Looking forward for many more traveling opportunities in future.

Arvind Shah

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the incredible experience I had on your IceLand tour with our main man Jay Desai. As someone who loves both Indian food , and especially Jain Food and adventure travel, I was thrilled to discover a tour that combined the best of both worlds – exploring the stunning landscapes of Iceland while indulging in delicious Indian cuisine prepared by Ramesh Maharaj and Kamlesh Maharaj in the kitchen caravan that was with us from start to finish. From the moment I stepped foot in Iceland, I was greeted with warm hospitality and expert guidance from Jay Desai team and caravan driver Ighor. Our knowledgeable guides took us to iconic landmarks and hidden gems, allowing us to truly appreciate the breathtaking beauty of this country. From witnessing the Northern Lights dancing across the night sky to exploring ancient glaciers and soaking in rejuvenating hot springs, every day was filled with wonder and excitement. What truly made this tour exceptional was the addition of mouthwatering Indian meals throughout the trip. I have always believed that food is a gateway to culture, and your commitment to providing jain cuisine in Iceland truly exceeded my expectations. The flavors were a delightful surprise, and my wife Harshida and I found myself eagerly anticipating each meal. It was incredible to savor familiar flavors while surrounded by the magnificent Icelandic landscapes. it was an invaluable experience. Additionally, I must commend you on the selection of accommodations. The hotels were not only comfortable and well-appointed but also reflected the warm and welcoming Icelandic hospitality. After a day of adventure and exploration, it was a delight to return to a cozy retreat where I could relax and rejuvenate for the next day's adventures. Overall, my experience with your tour operator was truly exceptional. Your unique concept of combining Indian cuisine cooked fresh in the caravan with an Icelandic adventure surpassed all my expectations. The seamless integration of Indian flavors in an Icelandic setting was a testament to your attention to detail and commitment to providing an unparalleled travel experience. Thank you for creating unforgettable memories and offering a one-of-a-kind journey that catered to both my love for adventure and my passion for food. I will cherish the memories of my time in Iceland and the flavors that linger on my palate forever. #ChaloForamKeSang Warm regards, Harshida and Ramesh Shah , Vapi

Harshida Shah

We went to Japan with Foram worldwide tours. Japan is a very high tech, modern , clean and peaceful country. It was an amazing experience with Foram as a tour guide. She is very knowledgeable, informative and patience with tourists. She is very helpful, friendly and light hearted with all the members of our group. She truly looks after us and tries to make our tour memorable and enjoyable by her heart. All the Hotels are world class except last one Ana crown plaza hotel, Hotel Ana crown plaza was not up to the mark. She covered all the major sights in Japan in a short period of time. All sight seeing were very beautiful and worth watching. So much to see in Japan. For food she really takes good care of us. She tries her best to give us all different varieties of vegetarian food. One suggestion from my side is plan some free time in the evening so that we can relax after a busy day. Thank you so much Foram for a wonderful holiday. Best wishes. Raju and Gargi

Gargi Swadia

It was a wonderful experience to visit iceland with forumworldwide tours and specially with our tour operator jay desai the gem of our hearts who was always very helpfull and approachable..with lots ok knowledge and excellent managing skills..thank u so much jay…love the yummylicious food cooked by our chef Ramesh maharaj and Kamlesh maharaj especially for serving us hot food always in this chilled weather..thanks a lots for their efforts…thanks jay for making our trip a memorable one ..hope to see in ur next tour. Recommend forum tours to everyone.

Chaithra choudhary

We had a great tour with Foram. Our tour manager Jay Desai was very helpful and cooperative. He particularly took care of my wife Meera who had an injury in the knee just 3 days back. It was due to Jay’s assurance and encouragement that we continued with the tour. She was taken care of by Jay at all the stages with the help of other fellow travellers in the group. All were very cooperative. Lunch and dinner was very good. Maharaj deserves special compliments for variety in the menu and tasty food. Meera & Viren Gohil

Viren Gohil

Tour operator Mr.Jay Desai excellent service & very helpful person. Food was very testy & hygienic. Cook Rameshbhai & Kamlesh thanks to both of you. Ukrainian driver also very kind & helpful. Ms.Forum Bus is very old & uncomfortable. Everyday we were travelling 5hrs to 7hrs in the bus. Few places hotels was like a railway container. Please take care of comforts of persons travelling with you. Regards, Ketan, Paulomi, Ajay

ajay parikh

Iceland is av.beautiful place It is better to visit along with forum tours ,they provide tasty and yummy food with best hospitality Specially Jay was out tour guide,he tried his level best to make our journey comfortable and memorable I wish we will make more trips with forum and with Jay

Neepa Doshi

The trip was excellent and the arrangements were excellent too. Jay Desai, our tour operator is a young, wonderful person, a gem at heart. Very helpful and considerate and approachable . Had a very good time with him. He made all the arrangements perfect.Would like to travel with him in future too. Forum worldwide tours was a very good experience.

Dr R B Shah

It was a wonderful wonderful experience to visit iceland with Foram Worldwide Tours and specially with our Tour operator Jay Desai. He has been so considerate and thoughtful in managing all our little little aspects in our day to day requirements, a very gentle sweet and knowledgeable person.....learnt a lot from him about the historical aspects of Iceland and it's places. Thoroughly enjoyed the food, it was exuberant with lot of Indian varieties daily....we thank the maharaj for providing such tasty and yummy food with sweets. Excellent arrangements.... comfortable stay.... excellent hotels. We were lucky to have a wonderful group too.....lovely people....very cooperative and happy go lucky..had lot of fun and beautiful experiences to remember....sweet memories. Recommend Foram tours to everyone.

Minny Shah

Well organized, specially for Indian vegetarians. Hotel selection was good and Foram provided EVERY detail to make sure that our trip remained safe and enjoyable.

Raj Desai

We went to Japan with Foram worldwide Tours. And we had an amazing time, everything was was so perfectly organized, all the hotels were 5 star and excellent service. They even brought their Maharaj with them, who would cook tasty Indian meals for lunch and dinner. And during our tour they would serve us afternoon Tea during our sightseeing. Also they served us fresh, tasty mithai from munbai. And on our last day at the airport, they served us mithai. I would recommend everyone to travel with Foram. In future I would travel with them. Great experience.

Seema Desai

The trip was awesome and had a lot of fun. Tour leader Sahil Purohit was very friendly and kept us entertained through the trip. One of the best trips of my life. Jhanvi from office was also very helpful. Only one minor issue was that there was no Indian chef on the trip, had there been an Indian chef the trip would have been super awesome.

raju patel

#ChaloForamKeSang@ Pura Paisa Vasool Tour. Dear Foram,Viral,Jayesh,Jeetu bhai & Nikita Please acknowledge my appreciation written from the depths of my soul. Everyone can dream of a great vacation, but it takes lots of efforts and perfection to make it happen…… Vietnam tour was meticulously planned by you and your team to deliver a seamless experience. FORAM WORLDWIDE HOSPITALITY, Mumbai took utmost care of all our requirements during the tour which started on Wednesday, 27th September 2023 The tour was a fusion of utmost care,service,time management, hospitality requirements and sumptuous food. It will be a memorable tour for ages to come. Thanks a lot for everything.

Shivkumar Gupta

Recently travelled Sri Lanka via Foram and experience was very good. Stay and food quality was the best..Staff was also very polite. helping and cooperative. Truly an exceptional experience.

Nima Vansia

Very good experience..fresh and healthy vegetarian meals 3 times a day with good service.. customer delight......Thanks Krishan for Ur service

Rajnish Tiwari

Excellent tour.Sahilbhai took excellent care and very good hospitality

Pinky Mehta


Kirit Mehta

My second tour with Foram to East Africa. Foram was our tour operator for East Africa tour and we loved it. Everything was organized really well, yummy home cooked Vegetarian food and Cooprative Staff. Foram I would recommend following changes: #1. Lodge in Serengeti (Seronera) and Lake Manyara was very bad. The floor was squeaking and the bathroom was in bad shape. #2. Could have Organize the route better, we wasted lots of time travelling. Easily could have added great falls in Uganda and Tanzania to the tour if planned correctly. #3 Busses were not comfortable for long travel We strongly recommend to all our friends to use Form Tours for their trip! Thanks to Foram from Nilesh and Parul

Nilesh Patel

We have just returned from East Africa tour via Foram Tarvels and with Pujya Mota Maharajshree Tejendraprasadji Maharaj. The tour was amazing and we cannot thank Foram enough for the teams dedication to looking after all our needs. Starting from food without onion and garlic to comfortable hotels and lodges. Communication was clear at all times too as this safari was fast paced. Thank you Foram.Thank you tpo your chefs too! Jai Shree Swaminarayan.

Hitesha Patel

We had such a great time in East Africa and Tanzania, it was an unique experience. Keep it up Foram !!

Navin patel

We have just completed an East Africa tour (Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania). The tour comprised of 72 of us accompanied by our Spiritual Leader of Mul Swaminarayan Sampraday of the Ahmedabad Diocese, His Holiness TejendraPrashadji Maharajshree. We visited numerous temples across East Africa and also complimented this with various sight seeing excursions across East Africa. Foram Worldwide organised and managed this tour. The director, Foram Shah, personaly organised and managed the tour and accompanied us throughout. We had 2 Maharaj (chefs) travelling with us providing us with sumptuous satvic freshly made meals. Sahil from Foram Wordwide also was an excellent tour guide. I would personally recommend Foram Worldwide for any future trips. Keep up the great work Foram

Naran Patel

I have been traveling for the past 20 years around the world and have experienced both private and group trips with my family I am extremely satisfied and got a feeling of "value for money" on my recent trip to Iceland with Forum Tours , Tour manager Jaybhai and Cook made it most memorable, and all arrangements like hotels, bus, sightseeing were up to mark . Specially hot Batata Wada with Masala Tea in cold weather of Iceland was lifetime experience God bless this entire team and I really appreciate their expertism and strongly recommend all vegetarian travelers not to miss their trips with Forum Tours

Jayesh Masrani

Very 1st time we used Foram as our tour operator for Greece tour. And we loved it. And we will use it again. Everything was organized really good. For concerning Greece tour only I have a suggestion. #1. Very hot weather so don’t organize this Greece tour in July and August month. #2. Happy Train tour in Athens need to be deleted from the itinerary. It is completely wasting of time. #3. ( I think) should replace get rid of Rhodes Island and add Mykonos OR Crete island. But overall tour was very pleasant. Tour highlights was excellent very yummy/tasty food made by chef Purohit. Big hands to Purohit Saheb. Really enjoyed his cooking! Quality of tour guides in each island, tour buses and domestic island flights were organized really well. We are strongly recommend to all our friends to use Foram Tours for their trip! Also very thankful to Narrotam and Mina Chavda to introduce and recommend Foram Worldwide Tours to us. Thank you to Foram and Viral to organize this Greece tour.

jamaicavacation Yaman

Foram group has overcharged us so much money for this Africa tour. I have paid $18,000 dollars for this 12 day tour for my family and we haven’t even done more than 2 activities, one city tour and one boat ride, in four whole days! Everyone in the group is very unsatisfied by the lack of activities. We have not came all the way to Africa to stay in our hotels or spend hours just eating and wasting time.

krithik patel

Jayesh was very cooperative & smiley & very good person.... Grand Europe trip very wonderful & joyful memories of all time because of jayesh.. thanks for foram World tour

Naitik Chordiya

I, Mom and dad visited Europe tour with FWW on 23/7/23. It was an amazing trip with Jayesh Bhai our tour manager. He was able to handle with each and every problem or queries if we faced either in hotel or the places we visited. Just as a customer a quick suggestion to Foram, If you could provide breakfast in a different hall/place same like lunch and dinner then this would be appreciated and customer would enjoy the trip in a more better way. One more suggestion in the bus the tour guide should arrange the seat to all members on a daily basis like it should be rotational so all can sit in all places like behind people can sit in front and front people can sit behind as well. And lastly, inform the customer about the Forex card in advance as we got to know about the card in get together and our bank informed, if you want to apply for Forex card now then it will arrive within 15-20 working days, so we could not apply it for the same. Hope this helps... These are the suggestions so this could help you in your further trips and we found the trip amazing with tasty food and enjoyed it a lot. Thank you

Akta Doshi


Mahesh Dhabalia

We had amazing time on our trip to Iceland. Well organized, amazing food. Our Tour Director Jay Desai is exceptional, very knowledgeable and manage the tour so well. each place was covered well on time. Cook took care of our food requirements and we thoroughly enjoyed all delicious food. Will definitely refer Foram tour to friends and family.

ashvin vaghasia

Best europe trip ever Wonderful experience And obviously the best food Thank you JAYESH BHAI (best tour guide)

siddharth brahmbhatt

Amazing tour And best tour guide JAYESH BHAI Wonderful experience Best food Thank you foram

Siddharth Barot

Grand Europe tour 22nd July 17days .we really enjoyed with forum worldwide tours and specially with Mr Jayesh bhai superb job well managed made our tour enjoyable and Maharaj food was very tasty .will come back with future tour thank u

vasant doshi

I had an amazing experience with foram worldwide tours.. Tour guide (JAYESH BHAI)was soo hardworking and great service provided by him.. Some incidents also took place but JAYESH BHAI made that sooo easy to deal with and solved the problem within 24 hrs during tour period only .. NO COMPLAINTS AT ALL.... HE IS THE BEST! We also Got to eat delicious food (especially Jain food) as my mom is pure Jain.. there was no single day my mom didn't got Jain food to eat.. Also my mom don't even eat bread or any item made of bread.. maharaj especially made different item for her.. I appreciate efforts made by maharaj to make us this delicious and yummy food each and every day.. Got to eat all the cuisine.. foods like (pasta, dahi papdi chat, bhel puri , Pav bhaji, Pani puri , bhajiya, dal bati churma , maxican, Italian and so on..) Thank you FORAM WORLDWIDE for making our GRAND EUROPE TOUR the best..! I am very very veryyyy happy with the service!

Nivedita Jain

superb service by foram tours and travels. specially big thank you and good support by our tour guide JAYESH BHAI in this europe trip . and amazing food loved it thank you.

khushali brahmbhatt

Amazing service And best tour guide Jayesh bhai Loved the food Thank you

Drashti Patel

Foram worldwide tour gave us a good experience. It was awesome. One should preferably think to travel abroad through this tour company. Jayesh Bhai is a super guide . I will love to arrange more tours with this company but only if Jayesh Bhai is our tour guide. Very dedicated and care taker person for everyone in the group. Thanks Jayesh for your efforts. Only arrangements does not make the event to be memorable. Hospitality plays an important role that's why Lots of thanks to Jayesh

Atul Lodha

My Mom Dad enjoyed the trip (Grand Europe Tour) (Jul 23- Aug 23) and will cherish it for their lifetime. They were very happy with the tour guide Mr. Jayesh and the way he conducted the entire trip. Surely would recommend for Forum Worldwide Tours.


Fantastic trip of USA Managment, planning. We required Jain food, & we were satisfied with different type of food , which no one else can provide except Foram tours.

chiren shah

We took our trip to Malasiya and Singapore on 29th June with Forum Worldwide Tours. Amazing hospitality given by Jayesh Bhai. He was the best tour manager and the service given by him was more than expected. With food also he provided us with whatever we demanded. Best tour and best service provided by Jayesh Bhai.

Kajal Surani

Nice manager, all are best nice sight seen

Saroj Parmar

Very beautiful experience travelled with foram Worldwide. Well managed with good quality food and excellent service by tour manager shri nirajbhai thakkar. Very transparent approach. It was memorable experience. Thanks Viralbhai, Foram and Niraj Thakkar. Perhaps will visit U.S.A to explore more area. Obviously with foram Worldwide.

suresh panchmatia

Tour to Iceland with Foram worldwide. We had a great experience through out the tour. Our tour manager Jay Desai was exceptionally good with his guidance and knowledge regarding Iceland. He went above and beyond in making all the arrangements for us at every place. The meals were freshly prepared each time in the caravan by our chef Rameshbhai and served hot every time.. Having lots of kids on the tour with us we were concerned if the meals would include something for the kids too of their choice but both Jay and Rameshbhai made sure all our needs were met. Not just the adults but the kids enjoyed every meal too.. overall it was a great experience and we look forward to travelling with them in future too..!!

Niraj Banjara

We had a great fun filled Iceland Vacation through Foram Worldwide. We had a group of about 30 friends and families traveling together. Foram worldwide and Specially our tour guide/director Jay Desai was instrumental in accommodating all our needs. Hats off to Jay for arranging everything and planning all our activities so the tour becomes a memory for all of us. Jay was not only knowledgeable about Iceland but also shared his knowledge with our team. He was truly a guide in real sense. The selection of hotels were excellent. The review is incomplete without mention of our Chef, Rameshbhai. He prepared variety of delicacies (Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian cuisines) to accommodate our taste buds. All the food were freshly prepared in caravan which was also unique experience for us. Overall, it was very good trip with memories to cherish forever.

brijesh dave

Had a great trip with Jay and chef Ramish! Incredibly nice guys to work with and the food was top notch! Hope I get to wirk with them again! Busdriver Emil GJ Travel

Emil Þórsson

Iceland trip with Foram Worldwide.. Tour Director Jay Desai is exceptional, Very knowledgeable, and he managed our group very patiently & efficiently, We are looking forward to many more trips in the future with Jay. Jay is an asset to your company and I highly recommend Jay as your tour director. Freshly prepared Vegetarian food throughout the trip was very delicious. Our kids also enjoyed Indo-Chinese and Indo-Mexican foods. It was prepared by Maharaj Rameshbhai in the caravan daily.

anand patel

It was a great experience overall . Jai Desai our tour director was amazing in coordination , help with trip plan , open and honest and courteous . Chef Rameshbhai is very best cook and prepared very very delicious food for everyone. He was very dedicated . The caravan food truck was very good . I must say foram worldwide tours is one of the best agency I have had pleasure to interact with . We all thank you very much for all your work and dedication to make this trip happen

jit patel

Our tour was so thoughtful, well-planned and tailored to the people we are and what we wanted. while everything went smoothly, it was really comforting knowing we had support if we needed it from our tour operator Jay Desai. We felt brilliantly looked after by our tour operator Jay Desai and our chef Rameshbhai for providing delicious verity of food every day freshly prepared in Caravan . Add in incredible hotels, fabulous excursions and a really well planned itinerary and it led to an unforgettable holiday. We are so grateful to Foram worldwide tours particularly our tour operator Jay Desai for putting together such a fantastic trip and would recommend to anyone!

Kalpesh Patel

Just absolutely amazing experience with our 10 days tour to Iceland with 30 people , each and everything is precisely planned and most important and amazing fact is food, when we are out abroad, absolutely delicious food by Maharaj Rameshbhai and not to forget our guide Jay, and worth mentioning our bus driver, Emilio We definitely recommend and we planning our next tour also for next year

sandip patel

We went to Turkey with Foram worldwide. A very efficient itinerary, hustling a few days, relaxing on the others. The tour managers (Kishan and Mehmet) were extremely helpful and cooperative. The cook (Kishan) made delicious Indian food everyday, thrice a day. Only con- our visa process was delayed for no reason which made us pay an additional cost, and I was genuinely unhappy about that. We made the booking almost 3-4 weeks prior to the departure date, yet our visa processing was delayed. Overall, it was a fun experience for me and my family travelling with Foram Worldwide!

bhavika mehta

Trip was very well organised and executed. Thanks to Forum Tours for creating such a memorable and wonderful experience for us.

alauki tcs

I want to express my deepest appreciation to all the members of Foram world wide who selflessly shared their travel wisdom and supported my 78 year old father on his Europe trip. Your contributions made a world of difference, turning my dream into reality and creating cherished memories for my father that will last a lifetime.

Deepak Thakkar

Most memorable tour of my life. Whole tour was good, hotels, smooth bus traveling,, sumptuous food, good arrangements for sightseeing and over and above courteous smiling and dynamic tour operator Bhavin Timbodia. For Bhavin I want to mention that he cooperated me in every possible mannar looking to my health condition as I have sciatica,he treated me like a son and always was ready to help & guide me throught the tour taking special care inspite of his other so many duties. I pray for his progress and best wishes for his future endeavours. Even cooks and other subordinates were also competent and helpful. All in all we had great vacation. We had a good group of friends through Foram World Wide Hospitality true to its name!!!

Harshita Shah

We had a 11 nights awesome trip to UK which covered England and scotland between 20th june to 1 st july . The owners/tour guide foram and jay bhai and viral bhai were the bestest host we could have asked for .Everything was in place from the planning to execution all done superbly without any delays and issues.Their daily itineraries were very accommodating for all age groups.The choice of food menu was exemplary and being served piping hot food at the remotest place was something which I couldn’t have asked for.i met some great people in our journey and the bus journeys which we had made our bond stronger .we were all one big happy family in few days playing ,sharing life anecdotes with each other and above all sharing delicious snacks with each other.This was my best tour ,all made possible coz of foram and jay bhai .

Jeya Mehta

Foram worldwide runs a highly professional tours. Our recent trip to turkey was fabulous experience with foram worldwide tours. From their brochure to drop off at the airport to fly home, their detail attention and consideration for their clients is superb. One of the reason why we went with Foram worldwide tours was ‘Food’ we got different variety of food everyday like chaat, pavbhaji, Italian ,Mexican, Italian, North Indian, Buttermilk, ice creams, Desserts, roti puri sweets and many more. Eating Indian food in turkey was a dream come true. Tour manager Kishan was very helpful and managed the tour very well. It was a wonderfully organised trip with beautiful sightseeing, cruising, few hikes and archalogical sites. The transfers were perfect and done with a high class Mercedes vehicle. We took the road less travel at many places and that made all the difference and saved the time. The organization of the tour and the accommodations were excellent with five star properties and properly immaculate. The combination of cruising, walking through fascinating archaeological sites, swimming in warm clear waters doing hot air balloon and being fed delicious healthy Gujarati food in good company - is just a winner. It is the best holiday we have ever had. Many thanks for your meticulous attention to our comfort. We also enjoyed playing garba at cruise. We came back with so many good memories that we would cherish all the time. Special thanks to …. Foram worldwide tours Foram Shah Viral Shah Jay Desai for guiding and helping throughout. Tour Manager - Kishan and chefs. Once again a big thanks to Foram shah We highly recommend Foram worldwide tours …. Chalo Foram ke sang Five stars to the Foram worldwide tours….

sejal desai

We travellled to Europe in June with foram worldwide and it was an alluring experience. The food was beyond our expectations in terms of taste and variety. Bhavin Timbadia, our tour manager was very co operative, helpful, friendly. He managed everything everytime!! Overall our trip was worth it. Infact my husband travelled to Europe 2nd time with FWW Only problem is flight booking. The concerned person at Heena tours office booked our flight in Turkish Airlines via instanbul. The timegap between both the connecting flight was only 1 hour. While going somehow we made it by running like crazy, though 10 people from our group were left at Istanbul Airport. While coming back, we missed our connecting flight. Turkish airlines is worst gor Europe travel.

jinal v

Only one word for Foram World Wide is EXCELLENT EUROPE TOUR

Sailesh Popat

We just came back after an amazing experience with Foram Worldwide to celebrate my daughter's Sweet 16. We were a family of 60 traveling to Spain for 7 days. From day 1 both Foram and Jay were very helpful and caring with everything. They were with us all day, and made sure to attend to everyone, including our kids. All the tours were perfect and on time; the food was even more delicious. They made sure there were many options for both the adults and kids! Both Foram and Jay treated everyone like family, and in the few days we spent together on the tour, both Foram and Jay became part of our family. Our parents are already going on their next trip to Africa with Foram and Jay, and we plan to have more trips with them!!! I would definetly recommend Foram Worldwide tours to everyone and all ages!!! -Chirag, Nehal, Suhani, Tanvi

Suhani Patel

We traveled USA on 23rd may, we experienced good hospitality, enjoyable,delicious food, one family feeling and very much informative tour..

Chetan Ankhad

Recently travelled to Europe through Foram Worldwide and must say that we had an amazing experience. Our tour guide, Mr. bhavin, did an amazing job. Managing a group of 44 people with different age group is not an easy task but he ensured that we all have fun along with comfort and ease. Bhavin is well informed and knowledgeable which helped us manage things smoothly. For food I wish I could give more than 5 ratings. They ensured that we were well fed with variety of options. Really happy with Foram and looking forward to many more tours with them.

pooja shah

Felt like a big family vacation with yummy Indian food with Foram tours

Nimesh Mehta

Most memorable tour of my life. Whole tour was good, hotels, smooth bus traveling,, sumptuous food, good arrangements for sightseeing and over and above courteous smiling and dynamic tour operator Bhavin Timbadia. Even cooks and other subordinates were also competent and helpful. All in all we have great vacation

Jitendra Parekh

We had very experience in our recent Turkey tour. Sight seeing, bus service, vegetarian food, cooperative staff. What we missed was little funny games, and fluent English speaking guide. Thanks Foram worldwide tours.

Jawahar Bhalgat

When my wife and I started looking for europe tours we researched a lot of travel companies. FWW had the best reviews on Google and so we went ahead with thier 'Glimpses of Europe tour'. And we are both 65 and 67 so it was a big deal for us to search for the right tour owning to our age. Right from the first experience of booking the tour, applying for visa, preparing for the travels - Mr. DHRUV GADA was very helpful with our incessant questions and coordinating for our tour details, visa, baggage etc. He was very patient with us. Now as for the tour, our tour guide Mr. BHAVIN TIMBADIA deserves all the credit for making sure that we had the best time. He is so hard working and has deep knowledge about the European culture and guides us like his own family.

Yogesh Gada

I am writing to express my utmost satisfaction and gratitude for the incredible vacation tour of USA that I recently embarked upon with Forum Worldwide Tours from 23rd may to 13th june. The entire experience surpassed my expectations and left me with unforgettable memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. I must also commend our tour guides Mr. Sahil Purohit and Mr. Vinay Kokani who did a splendid job in making our tour a successful one.

Parshva Virani

In a matter of days Foram and Jay became like family. They go above and beyond helping kids, parents, and grandparents. I would highly recommend them to anyone traveling anywhere. The food, punctuality and friendliness makes it an amazing combo. The love they share as brother and sister radiates to others making everyone at ease. We had 60+ people on our trip, age range from 1 year to 80+. God bless and best of luck. Komal & Ankit Patel Boston, MA USA

Ankit H. Patel

We just finished Awsome food they fed with Beautiful hearts Great services Recommending and hoping more travel plans

Dipti Patel

Good food & well managed tour

manu shah

Had an excellent tour of Europe with Fww . Excellent tour and excellent vegetarian food served . Enjoyed the tour a lot , all thanks to a wonderful and super friendly and joyful tour manager BHAVIN TIMBADIA Bhai . If you are with Fww please make sure you are with bhavin Bhai ! He's awesome in his work . The chef's Ravi and Ramesh Bhai were excellent in their work (Best food I've had in my life .

Rahul Jain

It was completely like a Family Atmosphere The food and stay were just fantastic

nirmal bhandari

Tour conducted by foram herself till Orlando was excellent and maharaj was their otherwise rest of the day ok. Overall it was wonderful tour and I would prefer to go to another country specifically if foram madam the owner is coming who is master in managing the tourism

Dr Rajesh Dalal

Best service Best tour manager Nirajbhai Best food


Good experience, nice trip,

Rimple Shah

Excellent arrangement good food by Bhagwati Maharaj and best service by our tour manager Mr Neeraj.we would recommend forum tour to travel to America


Thank u very much for giving us unforgettable 10 days trip of West coast USA. From pre get together in Mumbai to arrangements of tour was dot, morning beginning of tour each day to end of day was very punctual. They have not missed any sight seeing place. Also knowledge sharing on each day was absolutely great. What to do and not was shared on daily basis. Shopping time given at right locations.Three meals each day was perfect and gave us experience of variety of cuisine each day. I would like to thank Foram Madam who ensured us on timely trip and guided us before our trip.


Well managed tour and great team , who is always supporting. In a country like US , excellent foods with maharaj always available through out the tour.

Milan Chitalia

Excellent tour. Our guide was incredibly knowledgable and gave us a fantastic tour of Scotland . We learnt about history, art, culture and much more. We are well traveled and have high standards, and we were very happy with our tour guide. Would totally recommend FORAM tour for the food ! Our travel was really nice and personalized our tour regarding our expectations.10/10 Time and money well invested.

Marriage Lk

Enjoyed Glimpse of Tour Recently. Tour Manager Bhavin bhai Is Very Cooperative,Jolly and Helpful. Tour food is very tasty with Indian feel.Chefs Ramesh Bhai & Ravi Bhai made fantastic foods and are very helpful.


It was a very amazing experience, thanks to our tour manager Bhavin that we got everything on time and he was very helpful whenever needed! Also a big thanks to Ramesh Maharaj and Ravi Maharaj who provided us with amazing food throughout our 13 days in Europe!

Asmi Patel

We had an amazing trip to Greece. It was well planned and our tour guide described well about the history and and background of the place . The food cooked by the chef was also amazing. We had a great time traveling with Foram Worldwide

Sakshi Shah

We had a fantastic time in Greece. Well-planned, delicious meals. Our tour guide, Jay Desai, described the history and background of the place and suggested ideal spots to take pictures. We had all of the great meals we needed, and the cook took care of us.

Kangan Shah

The tour was nicely managed by jayeshbhai. Maharaj kishan n kamlesh Maharaj provided tasty food everyday. Both were very cooperative and helping to everyone. Good luck to both. Thanks to the company.

jogeshwar garg

I had a trip with them for Vietnam. Food was good. An asp tut manager cooperated wel

Samreen Shaikh

Good service provided by tour manager jayeh bhai. Food was also good.

Hiral Thakkar

Joined the tour on 16th June our tour escort jayesh and Kishan maharaj were superb got good service and good food throughout the tour overall a great tour very well taken care off

Meena Kshirsagar

Experience was great. Tour guide Jayesh was very helpful throughout the tour. Food was also very good, made by our Maharaj Kisan.

Pranay Parmar

Greece being an exotic location for vacation became even more memorable because of Foram Worldwide Ground Team. Our Tour Operator Jay Desai came up with so many interesting facts and trivia about the different places of interest and guided us in having picturesque memories. We will always remember his hospitality, efficient logistical arrangements, smooth coordination with group and internal team. We were fortunate to have Sampat Maharaj with us who ensured serving delicious hot meals everyday.

Payal Shah

We had amazing time on our trip to Greece. Well organized, amazing food. Our tour guide Jay Desai knew good locations to click pictures, shared history/background of the place. Cook took care of our food requirements and we thoroughly enjoyed all delicious food

Ekata Shah

Must travel with Foram...once u vl...u feel the difference between others...today also i m travelling with some other tour operator canadian rokies as Foram don't have the date i wanted and can see the difference...regretting...to join other tour operator...

Atul Sangani

Its our pleasure to tour with foram worldwide... its unique n unmemorable.

Dipti Jani

It was wonderful trip with lots of experiences and enjoyment . All thanks to Bhavin bhaiya , the hospitality was perfect , the timing , food was delicious.The management of bhavin timbaia was fantastic . We all surely recommend him for the Jain community.

Sachin Jain

Wonderful experience of Europe tour . Especially big thanks to tour manager Mr. Bhavin Timbadia for guiding us and helping throughout the tour. He is real asset for Foram world wide tour. I recommend also for Jain people as they serve pure Jain food.

Ankur Mehta

TLDR: A fun filled safe way to travel for parents and yourself. As a person who has done solo travelling, I can say that the biggest challenge is food (vegetratian) and transportation (planning). These become harder to plan and expensive when travelling with older parents to some parts of Europe. Forum and its staff members (Mr. Bhavin, Maharaj ji and team) on ground have done a remarkably good job to make this an enjoyble experience. On a personal note: I am confident to send my elderly parents by themselves on trip with Forum after this experience. The personal touch by ensuring everyone is safe and enjoying the trip was heart warming. I hope the company keeps up the high quality of service which I can say exceeds the European hospitality in many aspects. Happy to do a #ChaloForumkeSang sometime soon.

Abhinav Sharma

Europe tour 3 june Tour manager Bhavin Hats off to his contribution ,patience ,and prompt service , Had a wonderful outing ,with proper guidance ,fantastic food ,and overall fantastic management by BHAVIN , Thank u BHAVIN WILL SEE U SOON

Umesh Deoda

We visited Europe (Austria, Switzerland, France & Netherlands) in June-23 for a total of 13-14 days. It was a beautiful and balanced trip with very balanced time management across sightseeing, bus travelling and rest. Mr. Bhavin Timbadia, our tour Manager, was at his service for us 24x7. He ensured utmost care and enjoyment for all passengers of different age groups (we were a total of ~44 passengers). A Five Star to Mr. Bhavin. Will highly recommend to explore Europe/any other tour when Mr. Bhavin is present as the manager as it will be a smooth and seamless trip. The food was amazingly cooked and we were served different vegetarian cuisines throughout our toor. Thanks to Foram WorldWide for organizing this for us.

gaurav dhandharia

This was our first abroad trip through FWW. We visited Europe. Team FWW offered seemless service. At the trip we had a dedicated tour manager, Bhavin Timbadia. He was available 24x7. Including prior to arrival.. we could reach out to him for any tour related queries. He willingly shared knowledge of different countries and his experiences. This made us learn and explore better. He is very humble and patient. Ensured our safety. Went out of his way to ensure we have a wonderful trip. Food at FWW needs a special mention. Our cook Ramesh Maharaj served finger licking food and such variety of Veg and Jain food outside India is worth the appreciation.

Apeksha Makharia

I was very excited for my dream tour europe nd our tour manager Mr BHAVIN TIMBADIA made this tour the best. He was always there for us and helped us in any situation. The group tour was just amazing which i didn't expected. Special thanks to our tour manager for making this tour so memorable.The food was so good nd i wish whenever i plan my next tour with forum worldwide i wish Mr Bhavin Timbadia to be our tour manager .

jainam bagrecha

"The experience was beyond expectations really had a great and enjoyable memories. Me and my family would like to thank Jay Desai with full heart for all the cooperation and making everything comfortable for us as i had 2 kids in which i had 2 and half year old baby everything that i needed was always there because of him. you made the trip and the days very enjoyable and memorable you are genius in what work you are doing, it is very difficult to make people laugh but you made it . All the stay accommodations the food was very good we really loved it special thanks to amazing cook (Maharaj) who made are cravings fulfilled with all that we needed and never tought we would get in the trip .No doubt would be happy to do another vacation trip with ull. Foarm world we had the most memorable trip to Europe with your amazing n super talent tour leader Jay.10

priyanka punjabi

Foram Worldwide Tours is the Best Travel company . We were all fortunate to explore each and everything from the itinerary. Manager kishan purohit was always there to help and guide each and every members of the group.The tour manager was amiable, hardworking and very helping. Be it, accommodations, food, bus rides, instructions, i’m pretty sure he is memorable just like the trip was. Its a quality of tour and quality of time with them. Special thanks to kishan Maharaj who was always ready with delicious food and a wide smile always . He made sure we feel comfortable with our meal. Overall it was an excellent trip to Turkey . Thank you Foram world wide

chetan solanki

The food provided by Kishan maharaj was amazing and the management by kishan puhorit was spot on had so much fun on the trip.

Rishee Doshi

Great food.. best service given Enjoyed a lot..Kishan Maharaj was our cook who made variety of meals for us and was very considerate. The whole team of foram worldwide were kind and very helpful

Arjav Minda

Best service and Kishan Maharaj is the best cook I have seen on a tour. The whole team treated us as a family in the foreign soil.

Akshay Zaveri

Best experience ever, get the veg delicious food in all over turkey

jay kakadiya

We were a group of 25 people for Vietnam trip starting 3rd June. And this feedback is on behalf of them. The overall experience was good. The tour manager and the maharaj (cook) were quite accommodative. One critical feedback for the tour management is the bad planning they had for transferring their bags of food material along with the tour passengers. Around 6 bags didn’t get dispatched for whatever reason which had important foodstuff and pickles, etc. So the chef had to manage with local purchases which were not upto the mark and few items were just not available. So the food quality and taste was a compromise. Also, there was a dire need of breakfast arrangement (atleast one item) by our cook even when hotel was providing complementary breakfast. Most of the mornings, we had only fruits. Even bread had eggs in it at few places. Morning & evening tea was missed by many. And lastly, the Bay hotel of Hochi min had very small room sizes and no ventilation. Rest of the hotels were good.

Harshad Kachhara

First of all I would like to thank our Tour Manager Mr. Viral Dixit for making everyone comfortable ( we had passengers aged from 12 to 75 years) Good food is always an essence of a successful tour and we had that every day. Thank to the Foram worldwide team for making our holiday a memorable one.

Nilesh Jain

All very good

nilesh patel

It was very nice having trip Vietnam with Foram group managed by Jayesh bhai very good with chef Kamlesh n Ganpat very good food really enjoyed

Arham Jain

We went to vietnam with them and it was a great trip and we really enjoyed it, everyday was filled with fun , jayesh bhai was our host and he was really really helpful and co operative all during the tour ,it was a great experience and the food served by Kamlesh and Ganapat was cherry on the top. We would definitely choose them again next time

Pulkit Jain

Unbelievable and memorable tour Excellent Food (special Jain)/Excellent Hospitality/Excellent tour manager guidence /Excellent service in starting upto end and after tour finish they are giving additional service honerly Excellent Hotels/Excellent sightseeing/Excellent comfortable bus for all around tour One sightseeing missing by someone technical reason tour manager refunded that part of sightseeing. Excellent Limousine Ride Excellent Helicopter ride In short Full enjoyment and value for money.

sandip mehta

I would like to take this opportunity to thank foram tour for making our europe tour amazing .Thank you to.our tour manager Jay DESAI who manage the tour so well .each place was covered well on time .Every thing was perfect from tour manager to food ( thank you for providing delicious jain food ) to place . Will definitely refer foram tour to friends and family .


On Behalf of my in-laws Ajay shah and Alka shah I am writing this review As they thoroughly enjoyed the Europe tour (22 May to 7 June 2023) . All thanks to your manager Jay Desai who made this tour amazing for them ,Jay was extremely supportive, helpful, knowledgeable and a great person. He managed our tour exceptionally well. We loved the food served ( specifically the jain food ) in our entire trip- the maharaj provided tasty Indian food and places mentioned in the itenary was covered in given time and date . Kudos to the entire team of Forum Worldwide

Ami Turakhia

Tour manager Jay Desai is one of best efficient and hardworking manager.He explained each & every sight seeing in details. He is best,best best manager I had see in my life.he is super manager. Food is very testy& yummy. There was some bus issue air condition two three days not working. Also bus was not up to mark.hotel at Italy not good

Jay Syd

The itinary of the trip was very fascinating...it was indeed a pleasure as the trip went according to the itinary ..everything was well organised,food served was good,the tour leader was just amazing friendly,approachable and empathetic .we had the best time .

Shweta Nahata

Your Tour arrangement is excellent and professionally Managed. Tour is pre-planned in details and well Managed by site managers and backed up by the company's management. The Tour managers professionalism and human touch is excellent. The qualities of Tour Manager Mr. Jay Desai is very kind, caring, co-operative and helpful in all situations and always available at every stage of the tour, right from intial cold calls explaining in details the pre requirements of site conditions existing over there before leaving for In sight seeing, the arrangements of Bus and driver very good, driver has excellent knowing all the route, helping hand in moving luggage to vehicals and to hotels, discussion regarding daily visits in advance, explaining the brief details and history of site seeing and also provided special guide during the site seeing wherever required. The well liaison with other persons involved such as guides, hotel managent , transporting vehicals and arrangements of food prepared by Mr. chagan Uday Rajastani Maharaj in special Caravan vehical and food arrangement on en route etc. Maintained decipline in the group with love and caring way. A very happy personality, mixed with us like family member. Every member missed Tour Managers on departure.

Mukesh Shah

Europe tour was very good in which tour guide Mr. Jai Desai's very approachable nature and friendly behavior I and my family liked very much. Cook Chaganbhai and Udaybhai's cooking was very good. Thanks ....Tour date 22nd May to 7th June 2023

Ghanshyam Khunt

It was great trip and jaybhai really took special care about the whole group and each family personally..uday maaraj and chagan maaraj really made good tasty food..special thanks to our tour operator jay desai who is the main hero to make our tour successful..great management by jay to make our 16 days grand europe tour really rememberable.

priyanka gala

Had an amazing time with Jay Desai on the Grand Europe Trip. From taking care of all of us, to providing accurate information for all the sight seeing places, to ensuring that our bellies are always full, he did it all! I would recommend the trip to everyone, provided they have Jay by their side!

Sudeep Chatterjee

We did UK Scotland with Foram. Very good tour, with kitchen caravan and all services were upto mark. Keep it up Foram.

Punit shah

We had lots of fun & a great experience with your company. Very well organised in every aspect whether itinerary, hotel property and most importantly food. Foram I specifically admire ur hard working, down-to-earth & ambitious nature. Keep going & pursue your father’s dreams. Looking forward to our next trip with you.

Pravina Mahajan

Food was extra ordinary, hotels givan are very good spacious. I had done 5 tour with heena


It was a great experience 1st and best international trip Lastly... paisa vasool trip Great thanks to our tour Manager Viral Dixit who made our trip best and memorable.. an unforgettable trip Thank you Will see you in future

Sahil Kothari

Enjoyed a lot,guide and Back support from Heena travel was allegood and even food given was superb!!! The hotel stay was ok ok

bhavik sondagar

Tour 5th May 2023 Our trip was 17 Days with the family & indeed It was very exciting & special thanks to Jay Desai our Tour Guide for making this one a memorable one. Jay Desai was very friendly & Supportive & took care of little things that matters the most. He help my wife who was using wheelchair for long walks & my infant granddaughter Yashri in every way possible. We want him in our next trip again & again. The food was delicious by our Maharaj & on Time & Jain option was also available. Always recommend Foram tour & Jay Desai Thank you for everything

Kaushik Panchal

It was a wonderful Europe trip with family with wonderful tour guide Jay Desai & amazing food prepared by our Sampat Maharaj Ji & Kishan Maharj ji#ChaloForamkeSang

Pooja Panchal

Awesome.....to start with is the right word......Awesome support ....m saying this because we went for Grand Europe tour.....long enough to cover ...We took our 13 year daughter who is a special child...on wheelchair and were reluctant about how things will go...but a big shout out to Forum mam for her confidence to us to go ahead...that we will get help where we needed and also our TOUR MANAGER MR.JAY DESAI a great ASSET for FORUM WORLD WIDE....a good soul and a humanbeing with a lot of knowledge about the places we visited...always ready to help any one any time...keep it up Jay bhai u r doing a great job...We will always remember ur support as it was really a DREAM COME TRUE for my daughter..... Food was awesome by Maharaj....always above expectations... Food choices for kids, adult and senior citizens were well taken care of.... Very satisfying..... Thank you again to Jay Desai.....

Bhakti Shah

Good Tour my all credits goes to our tour manager Jay desai and maharaj…

hemant Agarwal

We just concluded the grand Europe trip (May23) which was awesome and mesmerizing. It was very well and professionally organized by the Foram Tours. The locations were appropriately picked up for the visits and the timings of each of day well maintained. The food was too good to have at a foreign land and had all varieties of Indian cuisine. Thanks to Maharaj Sampatji and Kishanji. Above all, it was our tour guide Mr. Jay Desai who was top notch. Fabulous support, extremely personalized care of each of the group members and deep knowledge of each of the locations we visit ed. He always maintained timing throughout the tour and was very supportive to one and all. 7 stars to him! Thank-you Foram, Jay, Sampat and Kishan and of course the drivers to were with us throughout the trip!! Best, Dharmesh Lakhani.

Dharmesh Lakhani

Tour 5th May 2023 Best tour guide, highly knowledgeable and always happy to help, coordinating, always take care of each and every tour member, always available at all places to visit and gives a thorough explanation. Delicious mouth watering food had added a beauty to the tour Thank you jay bhai and Sampat and Kishan maharaj also the van driver for all your support to make our tour fantastic

KL Unique Ideas

SINGAPORE TOUR #FORAM WORLDWIDE HOSPITALITY #HEENA TOURS AND TRAVELS MUMBAI Tour Manager:- Mr. Mukesh Dave (At Singapore) Mr. Bhavin Timbadia -Tour manager at Mumbai office Mr. Venkatesh (Mumbai) *Hospitality* 1. Heena Tours co-ordinators were not even courteous to attend their guests on the airport 2. We reached hotel by 12pm but were given rooms by 3pm(we were already informed about this) Atleast Mr. mukesh should have guide us,what all things we can cover in 3 hours. Sheer waste of time and money. 3. Our early arrival was not pre-informed nor any lunch provisions were made for us. We had to call Mr. Mukesh multiple times for the same

gopal sarda

SINGAPORE TOUR #FORAM WORLDWIDE HOSPITALITY #HEENA TOURS AND TRAVELS MUMBAI Tour Manager:- Mr. Mukesh Dave (At Singapore) Mr. Bhavin Timbadia -Tour manager at Mumbai office Mr. Venkatesh (Mumbai) *Hospitality* 1. Heena Tours co-ordinators were not even courteous to attend their guests on the airport 2. We reached hotel by 12pm but were given rooms by 3pm(we were already informed about this) Atleast Mr. mukesh should have guide us,what all things we can cover in 3 hours. Sheer waste of time and money. 3. Our early arrival was not pre-informed nor any lunch provisions were made for us. We had to call Mr. Mukesh multiple times for the same

Surbhi Sarda

We had a wonderful experience in the Europe tour, holidays r meant to be memorable n Foram worldwide proved its excellence in it. Moresoever loads of thanks to Jay Bhai for his tremendous efforts n support in making our trip a remarkable one. Thanks to Jay bhai for t excellent service and really appreciate t extra information which u shared with us. We are genuinely grateful to both the maharaj, Sampat maharaj n Kishan Maharaj for providing incredible food which always reminded us of home cooked meal. It was truly a pleasure travelling Europe with Foram worldwide and hope to have Jay bhai again as out tour guide when we travel next time.......

Kinjal Shah

It was a lovely experience with foram worldwide. The tour manager was Jay Desai managed everything perfectly. The cooks Sampat maharaj and Kishan maharaj gave us difdernent varites of Indian food. Thanks to all the efforts been put by all the crew members.


Jay Desai Jay Desai jay Desai what a tour manager he is king of European sector, he knows each and everything never seen a tour manager like him foram worldwide is blessed to have him in their company. Have done so many international tours nothing like foram worldwide tours and jay Desai managing the whole tour perfectly. Special thanks to caravan food prepared by maharaj everyday hot breakfast ,lunch & dinner. I would book my tours in foram worldwide only from now. God bless jay Desai , company , staff , and owners .

Kiran Rokani

Foram Worldwide Tours(Heena Tours) is the most recommended tour for the europe trip as my trip was full of thrills, fun and a beautiful journey with delightful memories. Our tour manager Mr. Jay Desai was very supportive, caring, friendliest and cooperative during the entire journey and for us they treated us as homey it feels like a home. He gave us much knowledge and cultural information about the places and had given the best guidance for sightseeing. The Indian cuisine provided by maharaj sampat and kishan is very tasty and healthy. Thanks for making my journey more remarkable

Shreya Tamboli

Complimentary message to World Foram on completing our Grand Europe Tour. Let us go on tour, World Foram is truly worldwide Tour Manager Jay Desai is Friend, Philosopher & Guide Grand Europe Tour has given our dreams a ride World Foram tourism Group is our pride Bharat Thacker ,- Gandhidham - Kutch - Gujarat

Bharat Thacker

GRAND EUROPE 05/05/23. my mother and father has joined the tour, there were 50 pax in tour. Right from 1.5 years old to 75 years old everyone enjoyed a lot and so did my mom and dad. Guidance from tour manager jay desai was knowledgable and interesting. Food was from caravan everyday Sampat maharaj & Kishan maharaj always prepared delicious food for us. Thankyou foram Worldwide.


we felt really good with Jay Desai and maharaj. we were in Europe tour for 17 days. we got better then what we thought,they also helped with chovihar & pure jain food. he even helped 2 people with wheel chair. extremely knowledgeable in his own field. thankyou foram worldwide for the best tour guide , tour , best cook , best food. always recommend foram tours & JAY DESAI.

Vijayraj Jain

I had an amazing experience with foram on europe tour. Tour manager Jay desai was very helping and knowledge rich person. Food provided by maharj was very tasty. So foram has provided mesmerized experience. Had beautiful journey with this amazing team.

shivani thacker

Start from booking, until last day of tour, good service was provided! They helped us with getting Visa appointment, prepared and couriered set of documents to my city (not Mumbai) and we just took document to visa office. We started tour from Rome, Italy and manager Jay Desai was there to pick up! Starting from there he has taken good care of us. Cook with caravan was travelling with us which provided Veg as well as Jain food for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Food was delicious all the time! Our tour manager Jai Desai took good care of our group throughout the tour, as there were 2 people who were on wheelchair as well!

Kapil Thakkar

Jay desai ...tour manager ...never seen such a bestest of best tour manager...he worries so much of smallest of small problems...he believes in giving his best to all his customers...never gets tired of making us happy every single moment ofour tour...thank u so much jaybhai...really thank u for everything...we owe this trip to u Maharaj sampatbhai and kishanbhai....thank u maharaj we all r healthy because of ur pure n delicious foods...you make 3 vegetablsabji everyday without u getting tired ....gulab jamun so soft maharaj...sev khamani like our ahmedabad das khaman....dinner everyday suprise of pavbhaji chinese noodles n manchurian...southindian delicasies like dosa idli uttappa medu vada....justwow...kheer was just like home..sheera was just like home...u just can count so much food you gave us maharaj...thank u very very much maharaj....u make food n we eat...u make food n we eat ..everyday everyday...thank u both jay desai n sampat n kishan maharaj for everything n for everything

Krupa Thakkar

I am writing to express my utmost satisfaction and gratitude for the incredible vacation tour of Turkey that I recently embarked upon with Forum Worldwide Tours. The entire experience surpassed my expectations and left me with unforgettable memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. First and foremost, I would like to commend your team for their exceptional professionalism and dedication throughout the entire tour. From the moment I made my initial inquiry to the final day of the trip, every interaction with your staff was characterized by prompt responses, clear communication, and genuine warmth. Your attention to detail and commitment to providing a seamless travel experience truly set you apart.

Sanjil Zaveri

We travelled europe for 16 night and 17 days. We had a best of tour manager Mr. Jay desai. Everything was managed perfectly so we get best of experience. Special thanks to Jay desai. We also had yummy home cook food from Maharaj Sampat and Kishan. We never felt away from home food feeling.

Niket Shah

Subject: Feedback for Grand Europe Tour Departure Group 29/04/2023 Dear Forms World Wide, I trust this email finds you in good health and spirits. I am writing to provide feedback on the recent Grand Europe Tour that I had the pleasure of experiencing with your esteemed company. While the tour was generally enjoyable, there were certain areas that did not meet my expectations. Firstly, the coach that was used for transportation fell short of my expectations. The seats were uncomfortable, and the legroom was inadequate, which made the long journeys quite taxing. In addition, the absence of seat pockets and charger points added to the inconvenience. Secondly, some of the hotels that we stayed at during the tour did not meet our expectations in terms of cleanliness and amenities. The rooms were not well-maintained, and there were some issues with the accessories provided in the bathroom. The hotels in Venice, Rome, and Padua were particularly unsatisfactory and did not provide a comfortable experience, even for a single night. I would like to offer some suggestions that I believe could improve the overall experience for future travelers. Providing one water bottle per person per day during the tour would be helpful. This would allow travelers to avoid purchasing water bottles themselves, especially during long journeys. Additionally, I would like to commend the tour manager for doing an excellent job. However, I noticed that he was often overburdened with the workload. It would be beneficial to have an assistant to support him in managing the tour and providing assistance to the travelers. Thank you for taking the time to review my feedback. I trust that my comments will be valuable in improving your services for future tours.

Pinkal Prajapati

We travelled 2nd time with Foram Worldwide. June 2022 Europe with London, may 2023 South Africa,& must stay They are the best. Amazing trip planning,Amazing Experience, Amazing Food, Amazing Hospitality. Thank you Foram Worldwide Team. Bombay office Bhakti,tour manager Viral Dixit, chef Gordhanbhai, local tour guide mr. Mark, coach captain mr. Lali Thank you

Satish Patel

FWW EUROPE TOUR 220423 Trip:one of the most memorable and wonderful trip of our life. Tour manager:The trip feels incomplete without the best tour manager.Jay Desai is one of them.he is very familiar and friendly man and also taken care of every small things from start to end.we want again n again him in all next trip. Food: No words for the chef.each and every time they give us delicious food. Thank you for everything

Pooja Shah

Forum Worldwide Glimpse of Europe - 22 April 2023 to 4 May 2023 We traveled as family of 7 including 2 Senior Citizens and 2 kids in a group of ~40ppl from 22 April 2023 to 4 May 2023 covering Amsterdam, Paris, Switzerland and Austria. It was a long due trip impacted by Covid and we were looking for a memorable holiday and Forum World Wide ensured we would cherish this one for lifetime! Forum Worldwide Tours (FWW) staff supported wholeheartedly from start to finish with clear communication during booking, support for Visa, Air Tickets, Forex and great hospitality during the entire tour. Special mention for our Wonderful Tour Guide Jay Desai and his team including Jayesh Amin, Sampat Maharaj, Kishan Maharaj and Coach driver Peter!

Sanjay Doshi

I am sure it's everyone's desire to travel to Europe once in a lifetime. FWW will make sure you have a fantastic time that exceeds your expectations! They kept their promises, from providing extensive information about the tour to assisting with visas and arranging tickets. They did exactly what they claimed! You have a great person, FWW. Jay Desai, who is not only excellent in his work but also a courteous and humble person. Additionally, a pleasing team of Maharajs prepared various cuisines and made us happy and satisfied with their delicious cooking talents. Jayesh Bhai was also very helpful and supportive. I had a fantastic time... I'm looking forward to future FWW tours.

Khyati Doshi

This is our first experience with Foram worldwide (Heena tours). We had taken the Glimpse of Europe package, truly the best trip I had till date. The tour managers - Mr. Jay and Mr. Jayesh managed the trip very well. They have made our tour a memorable one. I appreciate their role. The hotels were good and all the sight seeings mentioned in the itinerary were completed on time. The two special things of this trip were: Food - They provided very delicious Indian food (including Jain food) with different cuisine everyday which was the best part. Kudos to chef Samphat and Kishan. The second best part was Mr Jay, who was very knowledgeable, helpful and gave us lots of historical and cultural information and was more than happy to answer questions. He gave us ample time for shopping and exploring the sightseeing.

Prashant Dave

The tour excellent from start to finish. The walking was well planned and supported brilliantly by Mr Jay Desai our guide. The hotels were good and arrangements for transfer of our gear worked without a hitch. One of the best holidays we havd ever had. Jay Desai kept us together always as a group. Excellent. Jay desai managed to create a cohesive group. He managed to keep a sense of fun while inspiring great trust in his knowledge and skills. Could not have been better. Go for it! It is challenging but manageable for anyone who is fairly fit. Always prefer to go with Jay Desai from Foram worldwide. From - Khushboo Zaveri & CA Zankar Zaveri

Khushbu Zaveri sky diving dubai ZAVERI

"I recently went on a Europe tour with Foram Worldwide and had the pleasure of having Jay as our tour manager. I cannot say enough great things about him! Jay was incredibly knowledgeable, organized, and went above and beyond to make sure that everyone on the tour had an amazing experience. He was always available to answer questions and provide recommendations for things to do and see in each city we visited. His attention to detail was impressive, and he made sure that everything ran smoothly from start to finish. Overall, Jay was an outstanding tour manager, and I would highly recommend him to anyone planning to travel with Foram Worldwide. Thanks for an unforgettable trip!"

suvidhi gold

Excellent guidance of Mr. Jay Excellent service and excellent food.

Shilvi Shah

We had wonderful vacation. It was most memorable trip of our life. This would have not been possible without support of Foram worldwide team. We had faced many hurdles during visa but good support was provided by Foram team. I was very skeptical of taking my mother age 80 years for this trip but as soon as I heard our Tour manager will be "Jay Bhai Desai" my worries ended there. Jaybhai is not only the manager but he is excellent tour guide, counselor and like a family person taking care of each and every individuals during the tour. Thank you Jay Bhai. Last and least the food thorought the trip has been very good and to taste of everyone. Thanks to Maharaj.... We thank entire Foram World team and wish all the best. Looking forward for more trips with Foram world.


Foram worldwide presents one of the best travel services for europe. I especially loved the authentic Indian food which was made by Sampat maharaj. He is the best cook one can have! The tour manager Mr Jay and Mr Jayesh were very cooperative and supportive in the entire tour and treated everyone as their own family member. For me they were like my elder brothers as they took care of everyone really well and made sure that each one of us were comfortable and with a full happy stomach. Honestly They were the coolest and most friendliest people I have ever met. I really enjoyed this trip and am looking forward for more trips with FWW. Thank u foram for this lovely memories!

Aarna Ambani

We are on Glimpse of Europe tour. Jay Desai, Jayesh, Sampat Maharaj have been fantastic. This is our first tour with Family and we had a great time with Jay and Jayesh and all in group. His guidance in all matters has been a great help. Would love to repeat our experience with foram soon for some other tour.

Rajesh Shah

It was our first trip with Foram tours, we had taken Glimpse of Europe and our tour guide was Jay Desai and Jayesh Bhai, both were amazing and very down to earth person. All the site seeing which were mentioned were completed as and when scheduled. The best part about this tour is their Caravan food service, everyday there were new dishes and mouth watering delicacies which made the trip one of the most memorable trip of life. Will definitely plan our nxt trip specially if its international with Foram only. Fully satisfied 10

Ankita Trivedi Dave

It was my first experience with Foram Worldwide on Europe tour covering Amsterdam, Paris, Switzerland and Austira. An amazing experience. From our leader Mr. Jay desai, Jayeshbhai, the cook Sampat Maharaj, Our bus driver Mr. Peter who drove us safely and timely to all destinations, everything was perfect. Special thanks to Mr. Jay who is highly knowledgeable in his field. A person with true enthusiasm and discipline. Highly recommended.

Zeal Bangdiwala

Very nice experience with Jaybhai. All are working hard and guided us properly to take full benefit of the trip. Food was awesome.

CA Arpit Shah

do not plan your travel with them..they will take your hard earned money and will take no resposibility for it and will create a situation to rob you by giving false assurances..also knows as foram worldwide and heena tours....THEY ARE A SCAM..they changed name because they already have many cases against them.


Excellent customer service. Pleasant experience. I will definitely recommend my friends.

Aruna Sura

Thank you foram worldwide for organising such a wonderful and memorable trip to iceland! My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip! There was no compromise on food, in a country like iceland. Covered a lot of destinations all around iceland! Saahil and his team have made sure we were comfortable and enjoyable.!

Ankush Bhatevda

Wow I do not have enough words to describe how much we love the Japan Cherry blossom tour in March 2023 everything was very well manage and on time sightseeing places we visited just like they mentioned on their website and we visited all of them nothing was skip or cancelled we do not have to wait in any line for any tickets our Japanese tour guide was very helpful our bus driver was also very cheerful Most important for our desi people food was out of world we had our own cook Milan bhai and Ramesh bhai who made sure we have full warm lunch including Chas and great dinner on time all the restaurants were great clean and staff was very friendly last but not least our vinybhai was so patient so kind full of energy and always happy to help us it was our first experience from USA to conducted tour from India and highly recommended anybody who would like to go with them we even met Foram and Viralbhai great and very friendly


We just took another tour of Greece & Turkey in April 2023 with Foram. It was an awesome tour . Tour was well arranged, Indian vegetarian food prepared by chef on site throughout the tour was excellent. My pictures tell rest of the story.

Harshad Patel

Singapore and Malesiya Gaye bahut hi acchi tarah dhumaya aur Ghar jesa Khana khilaya Rajasthani maharaj ne

Raju Jain

We had wonderful time in turkey it was great everything was well organized. Well planned. Yummy food every day. 3 times a day. We had no complaints because everything went smooth. Thanks to jay , foram and alp. Thaey were very kind and very caring. Took care of us and every little things we needed. Directed everyone in right direction and guided us well. If i have to travel again with them i will travel again and again. It was awesome traveling with them. We had excellent time. We enjoyed every bit of it. Everyone in our group enjoyed it. Everyone was praising foram and jay . All the hotels were excellent transportation food everything was great. We can't thank them enough for making our trip full of fun exciting and smooth.

Jay Patel

We are 40 gujjus from USA, just finishing our trip to Turkey, leaving tomorrow for our destination back to Boston So wonderful and amazing time with Foram Worldwide, not only enjoyed the company of the tour manager from Foram but a local guide all the time with us. And the food, not only the Indian food prepared by the Indian cooks from India who travelled with us all the time, but we had the luxury of the continental food too, wherever we stayed. I must say, we have been on many vacations and this was exceptional and unique. (First time with Foram Worldwide on a friend’s recommendation). I can write a book on this trip of all the happy memories that will be cherished all through my life. Accommodation, food, domestic travel, various events were all meticulously planned and executed. Gujju garba on a cruise in Turkey, wah wah Forum. FORUM WORLDWIDE IS THE BEST OF THE BEST.

Ashok Patel

Turkey was amazing beautiful views awesome places to visit. Thank you jay and foram for making the tour amazing. You guys took care of every little things. Made sure we were taken care of. Everything was excellent. Hotel transportation and food. I would love to travel with you guys again. Thank you very much for everything

Apu Patel

Just returned from an excellent tour of Turkey with Forum Tours. Our trip was amazing start to finish. Well organized with great food. Looking forward to our next trip with Jay and Forum!

Pravina Patel

It was a wonderful time in Turkey enjoying with friends like family members. Tour directors are friendly and helpful. It was a stressless and tireless tour. Really enjoyed. One of the best tour.

Mahendra A

We just finished our tour of turkey with group of 43 people with Foram Worldwide Tours, . Tour directors were jai desai and forum shah. They provide exceptional service with all vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner along with masala chai. . We had used so many travel agents in last 35 years. But this was the best tour operators. I definitely recommends to all.

Dipak Shah

Sharing our experience of a memorable trip to Turkey with Foram Worldwide. It was and out of this world, a wonderful and a memorable experience with their personalized service catering to individual needs for diet and physical limitations of every Tourist in our group of 43. Thanks to all the cooks for serving Ekadashi food in Kusadasi, Turkey. Kishan, Jay and Foram were very informed and very friendly. Sonal and I will recommend everyone we know to travel with them. Also, looking forward to our next adventure with them in a near future!

Kamlesh Patel

It was a trip that will be remembered for a life time. Good food, punctual and very well organized with a group from Canada and USA. Iceland August 2022. Greece-Turkey 2923 trip was also memorable. The only concern at this time was food quality. Sometimes there was no taste at all and not the good combination. Please consult with cook and ensure that food quality is preserved.

Hitesh Patel

We had a woderful time in Turkey, April 3023 We enjoyed everyday with lots of fun with our tour friends. And thanks t0 tour directors Jai Desai and Foram Shah for amazing arrangement for breakfast, luch and dinner troughout the tour. Food provided by your Maharaj was just awesome and very delicious. Really tour was very well organnised. I would recommend Foram worldwide tour for international as well as local tour.

Hemant Patel

We visited Turkey through Foram World Wide Tours with friends . It was one of our best experiences of traveling. MrJay Desai and from shah are very knowledgeable and very helpful. We are very happy especially for food . They provided very delicious Indian food everyday. We would definitely recommend to all for traveling with this agency. I’ll Definitely give them 10/10.

Dipti Tewar

Group of us went to Greece and Turkey in March/April 2023 with Foram Worldwide Tours. Mr. Jay Desai , manager is thoroughly professionally manage our itinerary with timely manner. He possess vast knowledge of the area and shared with us to make our trip memorable. Dilip and Daxa Patel.

Dilip Patel

our trip to our trip to Greece and Turkey with Foram Worldwide Travel in April,2023 has been very very best .everything arrange by Foramben and Jay Desai is very well organised. we highly recommend to go Foramworldwide Tours. They take care of everyone. we are again planning to take Japan Tour with them in April,2024. Foramben and Jay Desai both are very humble and down to earth. They provide very testy food. Their tour price is very reasonable.Thank you.Sincerely,Ghanshyam & Jyotsna Patel.Toronto. Canada.

Ghanshyam Patel

We had a wonderful time in Greece and Turkey we enjoyed every day with lots of fun with friends and family and I just wanted add special thanks to Foram Worldwide Tours for their amazing arrangement for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was freshly cooked by an on-site professional chef who travelled with us from India. He made us home cooked meals pure vegetarian food and everyday we had a variety of options to choose from. Amazing 7 Star service from Jay, Foram, and the chef from India and all the hotels were also amazing, I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for this type of service for a fun, all inclusive tour around Europe,and around the world, my friends have been using this Team for over 10 years for their travel around the world, a hassle free experience! Thank you Foram and Jay

Satish Patel

Jayeshbhai.... Jordar! - Our tour manager for Singapore trip . Thank you for all the awesome memories we had throughout the tour. Really the tour was very well organised.. time to time. Food provided by your Maharaj was just awesome and very delicious. Our first international trip became so special and the credit entirely goes to Jayeshbhai - Foram Worldwide.

Mehul Patira

Japan 2023 Tour commencing from 24th of March. Well, it has been the most memorable trip for me & my family. The beautiful memories will be forever etched in our hearts. I must say that the hospitality was phenomenal. Our tour guide’s immense knowledge & experience was really helpful. All the hotels were amazing & luxurious. All the tourist attractions & sight seeing were covered as per the itinerary. They were very beautiful & pretty. The food was extremely delicious, lip- smacking and satisfactory. Moreover, Foram & Viral’s hospitality & kind, warm, humble and friendly nature filled our trip with so much of love, happiness & compassion. Lastly, the entire group of friends were so much fun, co-operative, and loving. Friends turned into family in such less days. Special thanks to all the back benchers for sharing endless laughter, games, and tasty snacks. We highly recommend FWW & wish them a huge success in their future endeavours. Thank you.

Khushi Shah

Japan Tour 23.3.23.Superb sight-seeing (not a single missed as per itinerary), Yummy food, Excellent Hotels at all Places. Very much helpful, Personal concern & care by Foram herself. Last but not least... Very Warm Hospitality & Of course Great Company of decent people.Became like a family members. We strongly recommend

bhaven sheth

Amazing experience with foram worldwide. Very well planned, top notch facilities. Great food by kamlesh maharaj

Rajesh Malde

Foram worldwide tours was amazing , we enjoyed it a lot . food was awesome

Mohit Shah

Nice cooperation given by jayesh.All jainfood prepared nicely.we feel very much homely atmosphere.

Mrudula Shah

We went to Vietnam with Foaram world , very nice experience , Sampat Kumar maharaj & tour manager Mr Jayesh takes very good care of all people in tour , serves us delicious food everywhere . Nice experience

kalpana kothari

It was a memorable trip for us, excellent service by manager jayesh and even food was excellent by Maharaj Sampat, lastly thank you Foram tours for our excellent arrangements

Birju Parikh

Veitnam ka tour 7th march ka bohat acha laga ,bohat acha service tha jayesh bhai aur sampat bhai badiya dhya diya maza ha gaya next time fir sar foram worldwide ka sath joint hoga

Rushabh Bardia

Mr Jain with my wife travel veitnam tour 7th Mar ,it was very good service jayesh bhai and sampat Maharaj was very good we really enjoyed next time will come again for future tour foram worldwide

Mayura Jewellers

My parents were supposed to join Foram Tour's Vietnam Tour on 7th March 2023... Unfortunately, my mother Slipped in the bathroom this morning and due to injury she was not in any condition of traveling We explained and requested Foram Shah about this with all medical certificates and reports etc Foram Ben communicated with Vietnam hotels & other service providers and she took extra efforts to help us. Without charging any single rupee in the name of last-moment cancelation charges, Foram Ben managed to save all our tour money & got permission for a lifetime Credit Note for my parents from her overseas business associates (Including Airlines) Feeling proud to select such a helpful and honest tour operator God Bless you Foram Shah

Nilesh Vora

Visited Vietnam with Foram Worldwide. They provide great service. Covered Hanoi, Da Nang, Hoi An, and Ho Chi Minh. Food was cooked by Maharaj Sampat and it was so delicious. We were accompanied by Mr. Viral Shah and he made sure everyone was comfortable. Have done multiple tours with them and it is always a great experience.

Nidhi Mewada

I have done 8 tours with Heena Tours & Foram tours till date with my friend & his family.. We enjoyed best services and appreciate Foram Ben and her best responsible services Our overall experience and trust with Foram tours was above everything Visa problems are always with consulate policy and tour agent don't control this .. Foram Ben and Foram worldwide is most honest and supportive towards Satisfied customers like me I always recommend and travel with Foram Shah

ankur soni

Jayesh bhai very good and helpful tour manager . Very good food quality. Enjoyed a lot with such good manager n tour people.

amit manihar

Good experience with foramworldwide, good service with jayesh bhai and maharaj food Jayesh bhai help us to complete choviyar everyday, excellent job Future Come back again for next tour From Sanjay shah

sanjay shah

Worst Hospitality/Unpleasant experience in case of Medical Exigency on 25.12.2022, during our Turkey Tour (24.12.2022 to 4.1.2023)- A Big shoutout to Foram Worldwide regarding, the worst hospitality/unpleasant experience, that me and my family had/received from Foram Worldwide Staff, without any timely help and support, in case of MEDICAL EXIGENCY – My Right Shoulder Dislocated, during our Turkey Tour (Dated 24.12.2022 to 4.1.2023). Sheer shame and no humanity. Humanity, immediate help, timely support is the least one can expect in case of dire need/medical exigency, which we did not receive and was the need of the hour.

tejas j

Heena Tours & Travels, We felicitate your organization and as regards the recent tour to Dubai we can only say that it was simply marvelous. As and when, in future we plan for any excursion we will contact you. Special thanks to Dhruv and Yesha. With warm regards, Kantilal &Sushila Shah.

Sushila Shah


Dhanshree lunkad

Furthermore, I was extremely disappointed to hear about the cancellation of the entire tour at the last minute on 8th Feb 2023. Saying some client diagnosed with skin cancer and other all bad excuses . Due to which i has to book tour with other agencies. I understand things do not go as planned but I expect better communication from a tour operator especially foram world wide (HEENA tour travels) Thereafter want to inform you all that Ms Foram is not capable of conducting this type of tours . Please be cautious before booking any tours with HEENA TOUR(FORAM WORLDWIDE)company.

Atul Sanghvi

Just returned back from Dubai tour and very very happy with all facilities & they made my first foreign tour most comfortable. I am senior citizen and again travelling with them to America in July .. Keep it up Foram Shah.

Manju Desai

My name aman kotadia came with 34 group from raipur .tour was very good and jayesh bhai with maharaj jee .thank u

Aman Kotadia

Superb tour hat off to heena tour, amazing word, are not enough to thanks viral the group organisers and the Maharaj we had Superb service ,took care of us, so well unbelievable

Sandip Shah

We,a group of seven couples visited Vietnam from 18th February to 26th Feb.2023 (9days and 8 nights)with Foram worldwide tours.The tour covered Danang,Hanoi and Ho chi Minh with one night cruise at Hay long bay. We were provided with good hotels,buses and Cruise. Company 's cook travelled with us and fed us with yummy home cooked food. It is difficult to get vegetarian food in Vietnam. Our tour manager Mr. Viral Shah ,who also happens to be owner of company ,took special care of all the travellers. I will advise this travel company to interested globe trotters to have first hand experience.I wish this travel company all the best.

Pushpa Lata

Shri Jayesh bhai has given us such a wonderful service and your company has a excellent person (Jayesh). We will never forget him.

Ashwin Shah

Great thanks to Heena tour, maharaj Uncle and most importantly Jay Desai. Looking forward for our next trip with Heena tours again.

shikha savla

South Africa was very good Heena Tuyer's management was very beautiful. Everyday new dishes were enjoyed by the chef everyday, delicious food was very much enjoyed Also, heena tour manager Jayesh Bhai managed the site scene ad food arrangement so well, everyone enjoyed it very much and their behavior was very good. Heena Tour is the best I want to say to all of you enjoy once with Heena Tour.Very nice Beutiful Heena Foram worldwide Tours Good Manjment Heena Group ko Very Very Thankyou so much

Manohar chajjed

Excellent west usa tour with forum

dr.Deepak thakkar

I have traveled many places, in different travel agencies - but I can honestly say that I have never seen a tour operator as good as yours. You are not just a tour operator, You are a complete package. Part mime artist, part tour operator, part mischief maker and always a guide. You have given information about every city, good rides, what to see in every place and how to use the bathroom taps. Thank you very much for the work you are doing with passion and love. Wish you success in every field of life. Special mention of Foram, at such a young age you have done exceptionally well in your profession. God bless you & best wishes to you.

u patwa

(Translated by Google) A very convenient, friendly, pleasant and cost-effective trip with no extra charges. A trip to Forum World. Forums are famous for fostering written and spoken. Gujarati's Maniti Tour is a forum. Jai Desai is the gem of his tour. Thanks, Jay and Bhakti and Sahil from the forum and the office. Thank you all so much for making the trip a pleasant one.


(Translated by Google) Bhavin bhai ke sath hamne Europe tour (September 2022) m kiya , Bhavin bhai ke Sath hi Maharaj Kishan ji , Kamlesh , Romano and Bus Owner Alex ka bhut acha had a cooperative behavior. Good home-like breakfast and at an unknown place far away from his home. Food was available so that we did not feel tired anywhere in the journey. The same Bhavin Bhai won the hearts of all of us in the Puri Yatra by discharging his duty with full affinity.

Vishnu Bapna

An amazing trip with Foram to Turkey.From the selection of the locations to food,hospitality everything was outstanding.Needless to mention our tour managers Mr Dinesh and Mr Bhavin were very accommodative and ensured we have a comfortable trip. Food was delicious with all the varieties one could think of being served piping hot at freezing temperatures. The tour guide accompanying us,Mr Abdullah had plethora of information about the culture and heritage of all the locations we visited. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and look forward to another trip with Foram to make some everlasting memories.

shikha lohiya

An absolute gem of a company especially for vegetarians and people with jain food option. Hotel accomodation, tour manager, tour guide,sight seeing - everything from A to Z is 5 star.

lalith jain

Best of luck

Vikrant R Shah

The response is good for enquiry , yet to travel !

Abhishek Shethia

Excellent service

Jayesh Rakholiya

Great experience

Milind Dighrasker

Excellent service by jay

dilesh patel

Very good trip

Aryan Jain

Good one

Jay Chauhan

I enjoyed a lots the tour guide was excellent and frdly the service was good.

rekha chhadva

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Enjoyed a lot with awesome delicious food in Dubai !

Vishal Ranpariya

Far east : Very good experience with foram worldwide Tour guide Mr Ganeshbhai was awesome

Rikunj Godhani Movies


jay desai

Excellent service, nice n cooperative manager. Food was the best part

Sanket Jain

Had wonderful experience with Foram in all departments. Really professional in there services.

Nikunj Gediya

It was amazing. We enjoyed a lot. Special thanks to Bhavin and Jai for their support.


Very nice trip well organized by forum shah

Kirti Vyas

Thank you Foram.It is such wonderful and memorable tour.

hiren shah

We had a good experience, enjoyed a lot with good quality food and nice sidesings.


Amazing and much recommended. Superb coordination by Mr. Vyankatesh

Kanchi Modi

Guide jayesh sir n Maharaj Hari sir both were excellent in al the way food was too delicious n variety of dishes were served, jayesh sir itself looked up on everything from serving food to completing al our demand.He was so calm n his nature was so jolly same for maharaj thank you to both of them had a great fun.And also thnk you to jeffry sir,Jojo sir n dean sir dey al done great job.

Pragnesh shah

i enjoyed a lot,the service was amazing the tour guide was also very nice and friendly he came on time for pickup and explained everything properly about the place and its history,the tour covered almost every important location of dubai,had a great time there enjoyed a lot,would surely suggest to others about the tour.

mr. patel

Hi...i had gone on a Europe tour in a month of June n we had a fantastic tour n had the best food made by maharaj n we use to have lunch in a diffrnt diffrnt view near lake or just near Eiffel tower n thats the best thing we got n all dis managemnt was done by our tour guide Jay Desai n most Importantly i wana say About Jay Desai is hes just not a Tour guide hes has being like a family to each n every persn came in a tour hes soo Calm soo helpful soo loving & Caring soo much patience he has...

Shalin Padhiar

Responsive, Quality It was awesome experience with foram worldwide and the food was very very good I will recommend my family and friends for tour with foram worldwide...

Jignesh patel

Very nice place. Enjoyed it. Food and service was very good.

Gunvant Patel

Amazing hospitality by jayeshbhai and chagan(chef) Highly recommended Enjoyed the tour

Krishma Shah

It’s was a nice experience with foram tours and we get the best service and a wonderful experience with the foram worldwide all the food and hotels stays were awesome and we enjoyed our time together like family

Rohan Thummar

It was wonderful experience at Dubai. Accommodation was good. Tour guide were co operative. Food was excellent made by rajasthani maharaj. Over all good experience.

Hetal Nandaniya

Excellent service!!! Food prepared by maharaj was also very nice!! Our tour guide ganeshbhai is excellent person and very friendly!!! He explains all minor things very well!! I enjoyed a lot on this tour!! Thumps up for heena tour and foram world wide holidays!!!

viren patel

Had a wonderful time with Forum, Harshadbhai and group Visited ICELAND 2022

Nilu Patel

I had a great experience with Heena tours for Europe. Great stay, great food and great hospitality. The entire credit goes to Mr. Jay Desai (tour leader) for making the tour so memorable.

Disha Mehta

Amazing Experience. It was my first time and wish to travel with them always for future trips.

Ruchika Jain

The tour was organised very well and the food was very good. We enjoyed our trip to the fullest.

Prashant Shah

Very good experience with Foram they organised very well specifically in A

Baloo Panchariya

the tour was good. but had some + - points as below - plus points - nice food nice hotels nice transportation quality and quantity time to view places minus points - no pick and drop was provided from hotel to restaurant and vice versa in free time. travel insurance was made compulsory by heena tour. but in our entire journey no one asked for it . taking travel insurance even if you are young is waste of money

Sachin Nishar

Exselant Singapore and Malaysia tour with kisan and also good food

vimal jain

It was get experience with fww . Tour guide was very helpful and food was excellent. Thanks for wonderful trip.

Hiral Shah

Overall tour was good in Dubai , but the itinerary shown at mumbai and the itinerary given to us at dubai was totally different, though it covered all the places but it was organised very tightly that we didn’t get enough time to explore well , we had also booked an extra night thinking we will use the extra day for exploring, but the day we landed we were given a itinerary which had a whole day free !! So ultimately we ended having 2 days free !! Which ultimately was a waste of our time and money, so please don’t do this with anyone else.

Dhruv Gandhi

Dear All, We had first time group tour with pure vegetarian people . All were good in nature and co operation Tour Manager - Mr Nirajbhai has done excellent job during entire tour of USA as if he is our brother , father or son He never allowed any point of time to find some fault in Mgmt including food , site seeing , hotel and transport It is recommend to advise any people to go with them for any part of the world to avoid any problem The way he handled the entire tour is a great it is not easy with different people having different age and nature We wish nirajbhai and the tour company to continue to serve vegetarians proteome

Mayank Shah

Foram world wide tour and heena tours and travels is the best to travel agency to plan tour. They are transparent and give very well explanation. Mr Praduman and Mr Mahavir has given very good explanation to us during booking of tour. Tour mangers Mr Jateen Sanghavi. Divyesh and kishan purohit has given very good in behavour ,attitude,..they very well manage timing during tour. They try to covered each place of the tour. They take care of each customer without bias. They r transparent. Good to built team and trust

Vishal Shah

Recently visited Dubai with team Foram and had a blast , tour operator Kishan was so cooperative felt like traveling with close friend. And the food made by he’s dad is a treat on tour . Thanks Kishan and to your dad for making our tour the memorable one .

chirag pandya

Wel organizat tour Tour manager jai Desai was welbehaved

Y V Dave

Really good services , enjoyed, all the commitments made by the tour operator was fulfilled. Would surely recommend friends and family . Even I would like to travel again.

Avaneesh Sharma

The experience was amazing. I went with Foram tours to USA with my husband. Food quality was excellent. Management & hospitality was really great.

Poonam Gungaliya

We had a great time in Iceland and tour was well organized and on-time

Nilesh Patel

Foram Worldwide is a highly recomended tour operator in Mumbai specially for Jain & Gujarati people as they have major concern related to food when they visit outside India and also some places within India. I have travelled with them to Dubai for 6N7D package and would like to share my great experience with everyone. Starting from Initial Instructions to 1st time traveller outside India in a mini get to gather before actual departure then making up of whatsapp group for communication and also providing detailed information about tour and emergency contact numbers, Our tour manager Mr.Bhavin T has been taking care of everything from starting Mumbai Airport till coming back to Mumbai.

Abhishek Shah

Excellent service and work ...Jay bhai rocks

Priya chauhan

We had went for Grand Europe tour on June 2019. We were warmly welcomed by Jai Desai as our tour guide. With such a friendly atmosphere we had a fantastic start! The guide and tour was extremely good, very flexible and for that they deserve a special thanks Jai desai is such a warm personality and highly motivated guide. The atmosphere was so special that it really felt like home to all of us. All respect to Jai Desai and his team their who does great job.

Richa shah

Travelled to Europe with the guidance of JAI Desai ..had an Amazing experience..his guidance made our trip wonderful..Had a lovely time . Hope to travel again with him!

Abhishek Jain

Our Tour Manager was Mr. Jay Desai who had done a wonderful job. He has taken care of every minute details with respect to the tour and resolved any grievances if there were, peacefully and with cool mind. He had always been successful in covering the itenary and also maintaining the punctuality which encouraged everyone to be on time. He also took care of even the smallest needs of the clients, so that they can enjoy the trip peacefully.

Pankti Gandhi

We had been to Dubai with Forum worldwide hospitality. Our tour manager Mr Kishan Purohit was very friendly, patient and well organised. Hotel was excellent and the food by Rajasthani maharaj was amazing. We loved the entire experience. Would definitely recommend Forum worldwide tours.

Gaurav Agrawal

It was awesome tour to Dubai with Family. The tour management was excellent and on proper time. The quality of Food served exclusive Veg. was excellent and its taste will remain for ever in our memory. Tour operator like Jatin, Krishna set everything in order. Itineraray was completely followed and everything got accomplished. The Hotel Rolla Residence with their facility Swimming pool, Breakfast was nice.

Kamlesh Bagmar

We had fully enjoyed our 1st International tour with Heena Tours and Travels in Dubai. Food was excellent which kept us energetic the whole day and even at night. As Dubai Markets are open till midnight we have not missed a single night of shopping. Mr. Jatinbhai and Vivekbhai were brilliant in providing the best of guidance and making each second count so that we don't miss out any important place to visit.

Timmin Kamdar

Thank you forum world for giving bhavin Bhai as a tour guide bcoz he is very cooperative and very helpful and services given by him give me a good trip experience Food is excellent given best fresh healthy and main tasty food

krishna jadhav

We had a memorable trip. Everything was perfectly planned and executed well. Our tour manager Kishan Bhai took very good care of us. Food was awesome, it was always served hot. All the dishes were delicious. This is what Heena is popular about. Final conclusion: Book with them without any second thought, do not compare prices with other tour operators. The charges are reasonable from Heena and also keep in mind that they provide three time meals prepared by their own cook which makes it hygiene and also good for our health.


[ ] Excellent food in terms of quality, variety and taste. As a frequent traveler I understand the importance of getting an authentic and homely food. [ ] Fantastic tour manager. Mr Himanshu has been very patient, friendly and kept everyone at ease. He also took personal care and attention when required. Even serving food at times and getting special requests addressed. Also Mr Lingam and Fiona were great at connecting with the group and keeping all of us in order

Niraj Vyas

Hello Foram, we had great time. We will consider & certainly look for Foram Worldwide Tours for our future travel.

Jitendra Vakil

Amazing hospitality by Jayesh bhai and chhagan maharaj (cook ) . Had a great time! Looking forward to more trips with them!

Moksha Shah

We went to EUROPE recently.. had an amazing trip frm day1 to last day of trip we had excellent experience .. what to say about our tour guide Mr Jay Desai he was fabulous in all way supporting Guiding informing …food was also good .. even the maharaj was very supportive.. thanks foram worldwide for arranging such a wonderful trip .., it was Memorable trip will cherish whole life

Charmy Shah

Lovely place, Good Vegetarian indian food, Nicely managed, we all enjoyed.

Kavita Jajoo

This is the best tour for gujaratis. Best food. Best service. Best sight seeing. Unique experince. I recommend it.

Nilesh Paladiya

We visited Europe with foram worldwide and it was an amazing,wonderful trip.Our tour guide Mr. Jai desai guided us throughout our journey and supporting nature.The food was also great and the management as well.It was indeed the best trip

ridham sanghvi

My tour stated on 23rd May 2022 to 13th June 2022, It was beyond the expectations , I really enjoyed it and had a great time. I would recommend my friends and family to travel by this tour.

Navin Goyani

We went to europe tour Tour was good ,food was really good, And special thanks to jay desai who very Humble and helpful and took special care of my son . Few times he wasnt wiiling to cum with us for sightseeing or shopping so jay bhai assured me u go ahead with ur plan and ill take care of him So thank u for dat ....


This tour was by far the most well planned one we’ve ever taken and each and every single one of you made it so much more comfortable for us. It has been our pleasure to experience all the beautiful places with you all! Hope to experience another part of the world with you guys soon! Thank you

Somal Shah

Excellent trip. Staff is very friendly and co-operative. Enjoyed verity of Indian food every day!!

Pravin Patel

Prompt and excellent service at Dubai tour which exceeded our expectations! Will definitely recommend Foram tours and travels to my family, friends and colleagues. A big thank you to Divya, Kishan, Vivek for being extremely helpful!

riddhi padhiyar

Thanks Mr. Jay. For everything, words cant express, The best travel experience i ever had.. All the places the people the Hotels & food everything was such a class.. the best thing about the trip was all the place where i stayed.. Hotels with amenities.. overall an experience for lifetime and more to explore.. Thank you

Meet Naik

Amazing time spent in Europe. The food and overall management was well managed. Bhavin was very cooperative.

nita parekh

Food is very good n also Jain food n our tour guide is Bavin's behaviour is good and well manage all over trip but hotel room was very bad specially in Interlacken and all hotels are very far away from city

mamta t nahata nahata

The recently concluded tour of Dubai was a great experience.. we enjoyed to the fullest the hospitality of foram worldwide was great. Even the food served to us covered all varieties. We did not face any trouble throughout the tour , our tour guide M. R Bhavin Timbadia was also very helpful and friendly , he made all his efforts to make us feel comfortable. All in all a great experience throughout the tour

Sparsh Agarwal

Really enjoyed the US trip- our Guide ( jay desai ) was very knowledgeable and clearly passionate about his job Would definitely recommend .!!

hiren sonani

Incomparable experience, that's all I want to say. Not just because of visiting country but because of service FWW provided. They have literally pampered every group member. Thank you jayeshbhai and viralbhai.

Ronil Shah

We had a memorable America Tour with Forum World Wide. Thanks to Jaybhai & Forum Ben for excellent service during our tour.

Manjit Kothari

Foramworldwide Thanks for The most wonderful and memorable Tour of Europe which was our dream. Special thanks to Best tour guide Mr.Bhavin Tambadia who made all the efforts to make our tour successful. The environment and food was very Homely. Looking forward to do the same arrangements for our future tours and will prefer Bhavin to be with us at every tour.

Vinod Bhandari

Great food and an amazing experience! Really enjoyed being a part of one of their tours! Thanks to Bhavin whose guidance and hospitality was heart warming. And special thanks to Bhakti who convinced me to go for this tour!

Arvind Jain

Fantastic Vietnam tour organised. Enjoyed a lot. Great arrangements by Mr. Jay Desai

Dhirendra Jain

Good planning of Vietnam tour covering North & South with comfortable accomadation with superb Indian food ..Hat's off to Foram w. Tours


Amazing your organized by Foram Travels, well planned, cooked delicious multi cusine food, and took us all the stunning destinations with local tour guide who explained the history of each cities of South Africa, looking forward to have another tour with Foram

Prashant Shah

We had amazing 10 days Iceland ???????? trip with Foram world wide tours. Keep it up Foram !!

Navin patel

Tour- south africa Manager- jayesh bhai Very amazing experience overall. Quality food and sights. Well planned and well managed. Our manager was very helpful and friendly, always there to help. It was a good vacation. Would totally recommend Foram

Bhavin Trivedi

The tour was awesome , as an Indian food your very good. Everything was perfectly planed . Had a great time. I was in the tour from 24-05-2022 to 13-06-2022, it was one the best tour I traveled.

jayshree goyani

We travelled to south Africa on 15th may For 13 nights & 14 Days..what an Amazing trip what a lovely hospitality by foram world wide,and food was aha awesome like home food pure Gujrati food taste and yes jayeshbhai tour manager was really a very good person. He always used to help everyone..Hats off to jayeshbhai...zordaar...all the Hotel were very good only in cape town hotel was not good Raddison Blu..very small rooms we can't even keep our luggage properly there's no space in the room and hotel staff are very rude..and they don't give water to drink also so pls kindly change the Hotel in cape Town..Local guide Tauffik was also a very nice person...and very helpful..

Vishesh Patel

We r going usa west coast October 2022 Excellent usa tour amazing food very cool & knowledgeable tour guide Sahil Purohit & janvi from head office decently plan with foram world wide…10 out of10

Pritesh Vora

Recently we went on Dubai tour with Foram Worldwide for 8D7N package. I would like to thank entire Divya ma’am who ensured us that during this tuff tym its now absolutely fine to go for international trip. On our arrival to Dubai we had our Tour Manger Mr. Bhavin Timbachiya who gave us all best facilities with proper time managemnt. All the said places were covered. He has been taking care of everything from Hotel check in, lunch, dinner all site seeing places. Everthing was well managed. All necessary information was given day before the next day schedule.

mansi dedhia

The food during entire tour was super duper delicious and you can’t see any fault. The tour Advisor, Jay Desai was a real cool guy and helped us in each and every stage. He was such a helpful and jolly guy, that our tour experience was not only made fantastic but also very comfortable and hassle free. The tour manager, Bhavin Timbadia was also a gentle man and a nice guy. He too tried his best to make our journey as comfortable as possible. He helped us during entire journey and doubled our fun.

Dr.Nimish Lakhani

It was a trip that will be remembered for a life time. Good food, punctual and very well organized with a group from Canada and USA. Iceland August 2022.

Hitesh Patel

Excellent tour, full of enjoyment, excellent food and very care taking manager Mr Bhavin Shah, every things are good exept hotels room, only room quality and size too be improved .


I went to Malyasia and Singapore with them. And it was a great experience. BEST FOOD,BEST SERVICE,BEST TOUR.

Zeel Jain (Finance 21-23)

We went to Turkey with Foram Worldwide, we had an amazing experience. Their Hospitality and Food was very very nice. Especially, Our tour Manager Mr.Jay Desai was so helpful and caring and made us feel very special. Overall it was an amazing tour.

Ruchit Desai

Excellent services, personal attention to people in group, food was very delicious and every day 3 different hot meals were served, treated group as family member, will like to travel just with Foram world wide for rest of my trips. No words to Thank them.

Devyani Patel

It’s nice to travel with Foram & Jay They are good tour guide & well attitude person. We love to tour again with them. Bharat & Shobhana Doshi

bharat doshi

Thank you for organising our tour so well Bhavin bhai and taking care of all the aspects of a fun vacation and such a great host n wonderful tour guide We have an amazing experience with Haana tour and travel all the transport arrangements and food tour guides were excellent The only thing which needs to be improved the Hotels over all it was excellent trip Which we are going to cherish forever.)

Sangeeta Nahata

Excellent experience of Iceland tour with Foram Worldwide Tours Well managed & well guided tour where even the tiniest requirements of all members were considered Programmes of a day were decided in well advance & implemented Indian food prepared was tasty Iternery & timings were perfect In a group of 30 people 18 -20 of we were doctors who were relaxing & enjoying the Iceland & we really enjoyed 10 days of our Iceland the credit really goes to Foram of Foram worldwide tours she was with us all the time, a great thank to Foram worldwide tours Ashish Trivedi

Ashish Trivedi

The trip was one of the best and most memorable one for me and my husband! Everything was very well organized and taken care of!! We enjoyed every moment of your trip and are waiting to take another one with you people!!

Rekha Shah

Tour manager bhavin n his support staff gave an excellent feel at our Europe trip,feel like a home ????? beyond home!! Thanks Heena travels n Bhavin

Prerana Nevatia

Jayesh bhai was a very cooperative manager which is a must for a comfortable tour. The cook left us delighted with delicious meals everyday! Highly recommended


Foram world wide is too good. No complain only joy. Very well manage/planed. Almost good food wherever possible. Jay desai our companion on behalh of FWW is very nice & cooperative.

Janak Shah

Forum worldwide is excellent we r very thankful them for their hospitality.and kept us as like family. Excellent we have joined tour on5th July till 15 they treated like a spoon feeding treatment. We were with foramben and jay Desai bhai like a family member.

Dharnik Shah

Foram is foram, nothing to say for even jain too.Jay Desai tour manager to say no ward.

Hemal Shah

It was our dream to visit USA which got fulfilled in an extremely brilliant way with beautiful memories to cherish life long.Foram world wide ensured that we were fed best jain food and explore as much as we could. Mrs Foram shah herself joined us in the trip took personal care of each one of us also mr Niraj Thacker explain us each and everything throughout the tour.we will sourly recommend foram world wide to our friends and family.Thank you

Mahendra Shah

Best Tours and we had best experience of our Tour guide named as MR. Kisan bhai..... He was very good ..... And it is one of the best Tours and travel... With some flexibility and very best experience.... Thank to @foram Worldwide Tours and # GOBO TOURS

Ashish Parakh

Tour - Singapore Time - July 2022 Manager - Kishan Purohit Enjoyed a lot on the trip. Kishan was very punctual, informative and the tour was very perfectly curated for all age groups.

Namrata Shah

My in-laws along with my brother in law just visited the USA with Foram Worldwide Tours, they had a great experience - from food to organisation to the other passengers on the trip. They have come back with a lifetime of memories and new friends. Thank you!

vanya bisht

We recently did Glimpses of Europe Tour with Foram Worldwide Tours. Foram took care of us right from helping us plan travel, tickets guidance, pre travel get together to creating everlasting memories in the tour. What makes Heena different from other tour agency is that they have excellent staff notably Mr Jay Desai who despite managing another tour always went out of the way to ensure that all our queries are addressed and guided us till the very end. We felt Foram took care of us as a family!

Nitika Garg

Very Frankly Thank u Jhanvi, Shahil for suggesting Canada Trip with FORAM You both made entire trip so special and one of the fiest experience. All credit goes to both of you and supportive staff treatment during the trip. We all are quite happy to have this wonderful and memorable trip throughout.

prithvi98hy outdoor

“This is the first time we have booked a tour from FORAM WORLDWIDE and I am really delighted by the service provided by them. The hotel accommodation and transportation was very good. The rest of the tour was really fine and looking forward to have another engaged with the FWW team in coming future. Thanks to all of you.” And special thanks to mr. Jay desai he is wonderful guy. He treated very kindly at whole tour with good hospitality and better guide.

Rajesh Gadda

I started touring with Heena in 1994. I have been on several tours with them. The owner Ms Foram Shah was very helpful and insightful. All the arrangements were well managed and we got delightful jain food at every location as promised by them. Highly recommended

Dakshit Gajani

“Foram Worldwide”Our Europe Tours is an Excellent And Verry Well Organizd. The tour Manager Mr. Jay Desai is Very good in nature, humble & helpful for everyone. The food provided is really good for us . We are extremely happy with the tour .... It was great experience with foram world wide ... Thanks for wonderful trip.....

trilok parekh

Tour was excellent. Personal attention was given to everyone for everything, specially considering we are pure Jain. Mr. Neeraj was an excellent tour manager extremely helpful to everyone. Overall experience was mind blowing.

rupa kapadia

We had A Great experience travelling to Turkey with Foram worldwide tours . The food was just amazing and we were spoilt for choices . Thank you for a memorable trip and we definitely recommend foram tours for all your future holidays .

hiral gosalia

Tour - Singapore July 2022 Manager - Kishan Purohit Had a great time with family. The manager was very polite and informative. He was very patient to answer all our queries and went out of the way to make each and every traveller feel comfortable.

vaibhav shah

We have been to turkey trip with foram Worldwide and if you are going on a trip with them too, remember the following : 1. They have the best tour manager : Kishan singh. He made sure everything on the trip was covered, on time and he even went. On extra mile to make sure our trip was a memorable one. 2. They have really good catering staff and specially curated menu, so that we don't miss Indian food. 3. Please confirm the hotels before booking, because often, the hotels given in the brochure are not the same provided, as the write "or similar" besides them and the ones provided are never similar. 4. Please buy your flight tickets, insurance and currency from elsewhere, because the rates and service post them would differ. I got higher rates for flights and currency from them and post providing insurance, no follow up or claim settlement is done from them.

Vinay Mehta

Heyy ..my in-laws had an amazing trip!!! Thank u soooo much:-) Food was good..arrangement was good everythn wen very well!!! The only thing dat they din't appreciate was the conversation or the explanation of places or anythn regarding the place was done in gujrati...I mean the tour head shud hav explained everythn in Hindi!! Dat was the only complain they had otherwise all in all a very successful trip

Yamini Makana

Hi, my name is Dalpat patel we were 4 members in europe tour of foram worldwide grand europe 22/05/2022. We were 45 passengers, we saw all the sightseeing as per itinerary and home like Gujarati Marwadi and fast food on tour. Thanks to mr jay desai who really took utmost care of all ages from senior citizens to child. We shall once again choose and refer jay desai as tour manager. He has Midas touch to all clients and undoubtedly so knowledgeable...

abhay patel

Three cheers to Heena Tours for meticulously planned such an organised Europe tour. But thousand cheers to,,,Jai Desai. Jai Ho! He introduced himself as " tour guide " but turned out to be a friend? No sir! a family member. In these seventeen days I have never seen him angry or irritated inspite of bothering him a lot. Like Allauddin’s Jin he is àlways there to help. Food was good like home and served in time. Heena Tours is lucky enough to have such a didecated staff. How can I forget Bhavin who made this tour materlize and keep on phoning me although he was àlso conducting tour. Keep it up Heena!

Arun Kumar

I had travel to Europe along wid my wife on 7/6/22 through Foram Worldwide...It was amazing experience for us.. Our Tour Manager Mr. Jay Desai, who was very friendly, Helpful,Caring, nd always treated us like his family member throughout tour...We had great tour wid him...The food was also great nd we were completely satisfied wid Mr Jay Desai Hospitality, Rajasthani Maharaj's food nd Foram Worldwide... Thanks u all for making our trip wonderful nd memorable... Wishing to again travel soon Wid Mr Jay nd Foram Worldwide.. All the best for gr8 job.

rushab shah

My husband and I did a USA west coast tour and had a wonderful experience with Foram Tours. Great hospitality and amazing gesture by Foram and her team. Food was incredible. Highly recommend to anyone who is reading this review.

Sangita Shah

It was an amazing and wonderful experience with Foram World Wide Tours ( West Coast May 2022). We were comfortable all along with good food arrangement and lively atmosphere . Hotel accommodation was excellent . It was an enjoyable and memorable trip. We recommend and prefer being with Foram World Wide Tour in future.


Overall it was a very good trip. Very well managed, especially the efforts, attitude and caring personality of the tour manager Bhavin Timbadia is truly worth appreciating. A 5-Star rating for Bhavinbhai Just one feedback on the accommodation provided in Interlaken. This really needs special care and was a big concern for us. The rooms were not at all upto the mark, specially when we had the longest stay there for 4 nights. Had this been taken care of, the trip would have certainly grabbed a 5-Star rating from my side. Overall a very good trip and look forward to many more such wonderful trips with Heena and Foram Worldwide

Asit Hemani

We enjoyed the travel with Foram worldwide. Overall service was excellent. We travelled with foram and since she personally was present, it was very well managed and organised. The food was very well planned, managed and organised. We enjoyed the variety of Jain food served during the trip. It will be great if you could maintain this level of service in future too. Overall I will recommend you to travel with them for the ease of traveling and Jain food arrangements.

Bhasker Shah

It was a very memorable trip . We covered almost all the itinerary. The food was highly commendable and the management was also very nice . The selection of places was impressive as well . A special thanks to our tour guide Mr. Jay Desai for his supportive nature and good advice throughout the tour .


Me and my family went to south Africa with foram worldwide on 18 June 2022 tour where we had 100% satisfactory and great experience. The Maharaj and tour manager on the tour were awesome and well behaved. Viral bhai has a very humble nature and enjoyed his presence in the tour. I recommend everyone to experience this tour with forum worldwide.

Wikipedia Lodha

We really enjoyed our first trip to USA. Tour provided and worked hard for the best food and best hotels as an accommodation. We really enjoyed the people in the tour. They all took a great care. Extremely timely on everything. Good excursion but it could be better. Overall experience was unforgettable.

Jinal Ajmera

We went to USA with Foram worldwide. It was an amazing experience! Food, hotel stay and transportation everything was great! They took care of every single thing, treated us like their own family. Looking forward to do more trips with Foram worldwide! A big thank you to Foram, Jhanvi, Neeraj and the entire team.

5937B PriyalJain

We joined Foram Worldwide Tour for the West coast USA tour. It was the first one after covid restrictions were lifted. I strongly recommend them as everything was excellent. The choice of places covered, the food, the bus travel along with the driver, the warmness and hospitality was super. This is one of the most memorable experiences we've had . Thanks to Foram and Neeraj . We traveled as one big family.

Manish Kamdar

We had a great Time in America. Everything was well Organized- Right from the Airport Transfers, Tours and activities. I would like to thank Ms. Foram and team for Providing such a worderful experience. They assisted us at every single step and addressed all our queries without any delay. Accommodation and food provided by tour were amazing. We would highly recommend Foram Worldwide for international tours.

Miral Tadhani

A special thanks to the tour manager Mr. Jay what a wonderful experience we had... For the Grand Europe trip in May 22'. The way the whole trip was planned, managed and executed was surely commendable. A complete experience from booking the trip to traveling is remarkable, surely recommend Forum Worldwide tours to all. Special mention to Mr. Bhavin with whom the complete booking was done.

Nitin Shah

Tour : Dubai (5N/6D) Tour Manager : Kishan Purohit Maharaj : Milapji Purohi We had a fantastic trip to Dubai The day we landed to Dubai from Bangalore, our tour manager "Kishan Purohit" ji handed over itenary and every thing was executed as per the schedule. The Hotel that was provided was at the city center, and they served Daily breakfast. The hotel was also near to Gruh Jinalay. (Jain Temple)

Geetesh Jain

We went to grand USA tour May 24, 2022 with Foram worldwide.We enjoyed a lot. It was an amazing and wonderful experience. Tour managers were courteous and helpful .Hotel accommodation was excellent.Multi cuisine manu at Indian restaurants added the joy. It's a memorable time

Varsha Patel

It was such a nice experience with heena tour. They have such a great taste in food. They also provide us amazing jain food.

Haney Jain

We recently went to Europe trip with Mr. Jay Desai we really enjoyed with him. Very amazing organisation of the tour. Testy and delicious Indian food and amazing experience of day picnic Lunch on time every day. Beautiful country tour around the Europe he organised our tour very smartly according to weather with his experience. wish to join you Jay Desai on the next tour

Kishor Nakum

I recently travelled to Turkey with my Husband through Foram worldwide tours. It was our first international trip post Covid. The trip was organised really well taking care of the smallest things possible. The tour manager travelled a day in advance so as to get to know about any changed travel policies. We were informed in advance for any additional documents or information required. The best part about the tour was the Indian food served at every hotel we stayed in and in every city. You’d definitely not miss Indian food if you travel with them. The tour managers are super sweet and accommodating. It was definitely a memorable experience.

Neha Arora

Our trip to Singapore and Malaysia with foram world wide ...was very amazing the food quality was amazing! Overall we had great time.

kajal luniya

Friends We went to turkey with foram worldwide tours in dec 22 Amazing trip with loads of fun Very well organised Special thanks to chefs who made very nice jain food Also our tour manager bhavinbhai was very helpful

Sanjay Jain

Vietnam Tour Foram Worldwide is the best and food is prepared by Sampat Maharaj very tasty Indian food , Tour manager Jai Desai is very cooperative, Overall trip is very enjoyable, Thanks

Lata Jain

Amazing time with foram worldwide tour for west coast America tour. The tour guide , Sahil Purohit was very kind and knowledgeable.Super fun and memorable. Thanks sahilbhai.

Smit Vora

I visited Singapore and Malaysia with my wife from 18th of nov to 27th of nov, our tour guide Mr.Kishan was amazing …the quality and variety of food was very nice …we surely had a great time .

vipul kothari


G.d goyal

Amazing trip of Dubai with amazing tour operators.. Thank you team FWW for the wonderful arrangements.. The best thing of the tour is delicious food Abhaybhai was very co operative through out the tour.. All sightseeing covered was worth For our next trip will recommend HEENA only Thank you once again

Jagruti Shah

Firstly Foram worldwide was a different experience and secondly the food quality was amazing then it was a Wonderful tour management and very well organized. Without foram tours turkey was nothing.

Rajesh kumar T Jain

Thank you for providing great services in Iceland. We highly recommend Foram Worldwide to any destinations they provide services in. They provided great coordination, food , planning, timelines etc. Above all was a highly friendly and family oriented services which becomes great memories.

Harikrishna Patel

Excellent services by Forum. Delicious vegetarian food without onion and garlic For 10 days Iceland tour all days different varieties of food Highly recommend forum tours and will again go to different destinations with them

dinesh patel

Our trip was Amazing. Well Organised Special thanks to Trip Manager Jai Desai who is Very Co operative Well behaved & always ready to help. Delicious & Variety of food prepared & served by Mr Khandelwal makes our trip memorable

praveen palod

We had a very good time in Iceland tour conducted in 20th September, we had a best time with jay desai. Even after a snow storm everything was covered and fantastic food was served from kitchen caravan. Best services in best price

amit desai

Our Iceland tour was indeed a memorable one . Kudos to the management, hotel organisation and the personal care shown to all of us. I would highly recommend Foram International tour.

Amita Shah

It was truly an amazing trip arranged by the team. Speacially Vinay bhaiya and jay bhaiya they were the perfect tour guides. They were so friendly and always on toes to help us. A big Thankyou to them. Will definitely choose to travel with them anytime I plan on a holiday. And the food was just out of the box.. it was soo delicious and the menu was so well set eveyday. Thankyou to the team

shruthi darla

Had visited turkey had great fun with the group. Excellent service, kishan our tour manager was patient had managed the group of 50 very well, food was amazing with wide variety. Thank you Foram/ Heena for great memories

Aditya Gupta

It was really wonderful to travel with foram worldwide Arrangements from booking hotels till departure was excellent Foram and jay took very good care of each and every member and made a family bonding with all of us we wish we travel all our next trips with foram So much about foram very sweet girl, very caring, loving always smiling not have enough words to describe foram we all fall in love with foram we wish you all the best foram you keep it up like this !! Whould say our most memorable tour with foram and jay

Mina Patel

Very cooperative person,Mr Bhavin he gave me too much support during the whole tour.he gave me medicines as well as asking about my self .Also Foram would wiide is best tourist company in the whole world. Food is very good quality.Thanku Heena Tours Thanku,Foram world wide .Thanks to your best tour manager and Maharaj also Maharaj people are very hard worker.Tour Manager is now appearing our Family member.we miss you alot.God bless you.Thanks to Foram world again

Umesh Rasne

This was my first trip with Forum to Turkey! Our tour guide Mr. Kishan is an amazing human being. He was so cooperative throughout and guided us in every manner that we could shop well and economically. The food for which we chose this Forum was super amazing. I definitely gained weight They gave so much variety of food and everything was pre-displayed. We can go on and on on this but just to sum up I will Choose again Forum travels and would recommend my family and friends also. Thanks Kishan and forum for everything. To add Kishan is also a fun person who entertained us throughout.

Srishti Agrawal

The tour was amazing . Loved the way Mr jay desai coordinated with us for booking . Our tour guides mr bhavin and mr dinesh treated us like their own . The pure vegetarian food provided was awesome . On the whole it was a perfect trip for us . I Sincerely thank mr jay desai ,mr bhavin and mr dinesh for making our tour memorable.

rahul jain

Our Europe tour in September was very well organized and managed by Bhavinbhai. Especially our requirement of Jain food and Chovihar was taken care by the Foram Team and Kishan Maharaj. Enjoyed thoroughly.

khushboo shah

We Recently had a Trip to Singapore in August through Foram World Wide, Experience was Super. Specially the Food arrangements Done by Heena was Super & Our Cooking Chef (Maharaj) Kishan Bhai did a Amazing job to fullfil all our Food Cravings.

parth shah

West coast USA Tour is finished today and all Ten days your Done excellent by our group leader Mr.Jay Desai Really he is very much cooperative and politely handle all situations.He given us very usefull information about site seeing.He managed daily breakfast,lunch and dinner time to time . Excellent tour ... Thanks foram tour and very thankful to Mr.Jay Desai. All the best

Ashok Dhamecha

Just back from FA03 Thailand tour. Disappointed that eventhough promised in the itinerary, there was no food by Rajasthani Maharaj due to some logistical reasons. However our Tour Manager Mr Dinesh Shah (Dineshbhai) saw to it that all of us got good vegetarian Indian food from Indian restaurants wherever we traveled. Dineshbhai took care that even Jain food was made available for those who needed it. All the travel and sightseeing were well coordinated by Dineshbhai so that we didn't miss out on anything. As we were not continuing with the group on their forward journey, Dineshbhai saw to it that we got back comfortably to the airport in time for our flight. A big thanks to Dineshbhai !! There is one suggestion from us : Please arrange to include visits to historical and heritage sites of any country. Shopping malls, zoos, adventure games etc are available in plenty in our country too.

Surendran Sankaran

Just back from FA02 Malaysia and Singapore tour. Our Tour Manager Mr Dinesh Shah (Dineshbhai) saw to it that all of us got good vegetarian Indian food from Indian restaurants wherever we traveled. Dineshbhai took care that even Jain food was made available it.Thanks to Kishanbhai (cook) also, as he made the taste foodfor us.All the travel and sightseeing were well coordinated by Dineshbhai so that we didn't miss out on anything. As we were not continuing with the group on their forward journey, Dineshbhai saw to it that we got back comfortably to the airport in time for our flight. A big thanks to Dineshbhai !!


Thankyou for organizing the amazing trip to THAILAND MALAYSIA AND SINGAPORE. Me and my family had a great time. Dinesh bhai was very cooperative and friendly. Bringing truck loads of memories back home. Surely a memorable trip! Only we couldn’t get Indian tea and breakfast in the morning though it was very fun being with foram tours, hope to see you soon!!

paresh banker

Super duper trip with forum worldwide. Best trip ever, very tasty and delicious food! Both the cook were very cooperative and nice now special Thanks to Bhavin bhai our tour guide! He is gem of a person he is very entertaining and friendly we would have not got a better guide than him! Because of Bhavin the trip went very smooth and with all the happiness!

Sagar Patel

Thanks to FWT( Foram worldwide Tours)for providing excellent services through tour guide Mr Jay Desai and Chef Mr Sampat Khandelwal in Vietnam Tour. Jay has coordinated and communicated with each one of us and he sorted all our problems, infact one of the passengers forgot her passport in cruise but with his efforts passenger got the passport and her smile back. None of us missed the home food as our main chef and his team gave us the best of cuisines. Looking forward to do next trip with FWT and especially with Jay and Sampat Super fun and beautiful country Vietnam Cheers to FWT

Vimal Chordia

Recently travelled with a group and our trip was planned by Foram, and I couldn't have asked for a better planned trip! The food especially gave us a feeling of India in a land where vegetarian is a rare word. Also special mention to Mr. Bhavin Timbadia, our co-ordinator. He is the sweetest and most efficient person! We would want him to be our co ordinator in every trip we take with Foram ahead! All special requests were catered, stays were planned in amazing properties. The trip was a perfect combination of luxury and exploring!

Ritika Siyal

Visited turkey along with jito members, we had a flawless experience. In and out, we had amazing and pleasant experience. Hope FORAM maintains the standards.. FOOD WAS THE HIGHPOINT OF THE TOUR... Foram worldwide tour is sister concern of heena tours, which is basically in domestic tours and holidays in india... they are also very famous for food... the kind of vegetarian and jain food that was served in hardcore non veg country of turkey, was better than the one we have in india...

chetan kumar

We recently complete our trip to turkey from foram worldwide. Initially had a kind of rough experience during sales but after that and during the trip,everything went smoothly. Really appreciate the effort of their staff ,especially Mr kishan purohit and our chef Maharaj Mr sampat. They made sure everyone were comfortable and having a good time there. Recommend them for there good service.

Harshit Jain

Amazing trip with forum. We have always been going with this tour and travels and it has never once disappointed. It is best because of the tour guide and food served. No other tour can beat vegetarian food quality as forum’s. Looking forward to many more trips.

Dhanshree Navalkha

We where group of 34 people and took there service for Vietnam tour Very Professional team food was brilliantly managed by Indian cook travelling along with you Jai desai tour manager was excellent and very supporting

Prafull Kumar Jain

We went for 10 days tour to Iceland at the end of August 2022. In our group - 30 members, all Gujarati, all from USA, age 60 - 80 yrs. We were served Indian vegetarian food in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food was testy, healthy and of different variety. No repetition of any item. We stayed in five hotels at different places. Hotels were comfortable and at good locations. We travelled in a luxury coach having WI-FI all the time. Coach driver was acting as a local guide and while driving providing information about surrounding and next place of visit. He was very helpful and courteous. We visited entire Iceland circle as per the itinerary. Tour was very well organized and we enjoyed more than our expectation. We give full credit to FWW team - Director Foram Shah, Manager Jay Desai, Rajasthani Maharaj and his helper. We look forward to go on another tour in near future with Foram World Wide Travel.

Narottam Chavda

Hello, Last week we had gone to Iceland with foram worldwide and trust me on this, it was the most hassle free trip No ques, No waiting, No running around No Doubts.They know it all. Just followed their lead. And the most amazing food, one could ask for in those winter days HOT FOOD Thank you for the lovely stays too Enjoyed every bit of it. & made a million memories

Riya Jain

Had an amazing Dubai trip with Foram tours. Entire trip - Stay, food, guides, commute, sight seeing was so much fun with awesome tour guides and group. Abhay Bhai and Sanket bhai were always very accomodative of all our requests. Maharaj served us with delicious food with such a huge spread both in lunch and dinner. Also want to specially mention there was no compromise in the taste and spread of Jain food. Dhruv agreed to our special requests and always was responsive to all our queries. Already thinking when to plan the next trip


The most amazing trip to Dubai with Foram worldwide Tours came to an end yesterday! I would like to specially thank Abhay bhai and Sanket Bhai for taking care of everyone and about every requirement like food, travel, etc so well. Everything was well organised and there was no room for any complaint. Thankyou Dhruv for coordinating and including our special requests as well. Special mention about the food which made us feel at home. Looking forward to many more trips with you guys!!

Shreya Masalia

We had gone to Dubai last month via Heena Tours. It was our first international trip and we were quite sceptical about how it will turn around. Dhruv Gada from Heena tours really helped us with all the small details right from booking till the day of journey. Big thank you! Special thanks to Sanket bhai and Abhay bhai in dubai for making it easier and joyful journey.We had our mom with us who prefers Jain food but trust me these people made sure we get that (it was yum). Once again thanks to Heena tours for a very memorable trip and keeping the group spirit intact through out the trip. Note: Just a small recommendation that do share picture of dress restriction in Abu dhabi mosque with guests at their home place only so that they dont have to roam for dress in dubai.

Het Shah

I,along with my wife Rashmi had undertaken the the tour of Iceland in end of Sept.22,with Foram Worldwide,along with Foram herself.We had thoroughly enjoyed trip.Management of Foram,in respect to hotel bookings,sight seeing,food was excellent. Foram was thoroughly professional, and knows how to satisfy needs(even whims) of tourists, without deviating from her company' s set policy.I see a very bright future in the field of International tourism for Foram.One of the days because of stormy weather ( typical of Iceland),we couldn't step out of the hotel,but all the sightseeing of that day was covered in the following two days.That was a good gesture of Foram Worldwide.I recoomand Foram Worldwide for International Tours.

nitin shah

Foram and company did a phenomenal job in catering to our needs in Iceland. She is extremely detailed in insuring each member of the tour is accounted for and enjoys the trip. The food was great, the sites were great, the company was great! Thank you Foram, we will surely participate in the tour again! Vitthal, Sandhya, and Krishna

Nikita Shah

Had a really wonderful experience in DUBAI with team foram worlwide and heena tours. Right from booking till the end of our trip, everything was planned to the T. Being pure Jain we were really happy and relieved to get proper Jain food in Dubai. The tour guides (Sanket bhai and Abhay bhai) that we got were also very helpful and friendly. Overall had a good experience and would definitely plan for our next trip with foram/heena tours.

Abhi Goda

Hello Foram Worldwide Team, The turkey tour was amazing and well organised. A big thank you to the amazing tour manager Mr. Dineshbhai n Mr bhavinbhai ,both of them managed everything perfectly, took great care of us (me, my wife n mine grandchild) and made sure everyone was comfortable. They have an amazing organisational skills which was visible throughout the journey. They guided us to every spot with all pre-requisite information. Along with them , i also want to appreciate Maharaj who was always there for all the needs n cooked delicious cuisine which was different every single day . Hotel stay was great n all had 5star facilities .Inshort I highly recommend Foram tour and company for superb service n stay at Turkey trip. Once more, many thanks for all of the above mentioned and the perfect service at the airport, both when arriving and leaving the country and kind regards from very happy clients. Rajesh mehta Bhavana Mehta Einya Mhatre

Einya Mhatre

We were 2 couples in our late twenties and were super skeptical about taking a group tour as we'd never travelled in such a big group before. But to our surprise this turned out to be a superb trip. Quality hotels, timely and well prepared meals and humble and accomodating staff from Foram Worldwide made our trip a super duper success. Special mention to Viral bhai who accompanied us on the full tour and pushed us to partake all adventure activities and Jayesh bhai for being the best tour manager a traveller could ask for! Would recommend nothing else if you're a PURE vegetarian who has issues with food in certain countries(South Africa and anyone above 45-50 years of age should not think twice before travelling with Foram

Priyesh Goyal

We are on Turkey Tour of 24th Dec leaded by Mr Dinesh Shah .We are in group of 13 people . While I personally have travelled with many other Tour operators, I am very pleased to inform that this Tour with Foram is the BEST in every respect. While the Sight seeing was good , the way Dinesh bhai, Bhavin bhai and Local Guide Abdullah managed the Tour was Excellent. Special thanks to them for making this Tour memorable. Today is our last day and we all are fresh and energetic and FULL credit goes to our 3 Chefs . It is really appreciate the way they managed to give us hot and delicious food . All in all going back with good memories. Once again thanks to Team Foram and special thanks to Dinesh , Bhavin and Abdullah. Worth trying Foram for next Travel

Milind Joshi

Sept 2022 Europe Tour Austria Switzerland France Netherlands It was really wonderful to travel European countries through Heena Travels( The Foram Worldwide). The arrangement, right from booking till departure was awesome. We really had good cooperation from Venkatesh before departure and had excellent tour guide Mr. Bhavin Timbadiya with us, who made our tour plan memorable and unforgettable. He provided with excellent touring information and ensured the visit to all the places was on time. The food arrangement was also excellent. Bhavin went out of his way to ensure comfort of all the members. A special vote of thanks to Bhavin. I again hope to travel through Heena Travels soon with my friends and wish them all the best. I have been traveling with Henna for last 27 years starting with my honeymoon tour

Smitesh Shah

Me and my family went to south Africa with foram worldwide on 18 June 2022 tour where we had 100% satisfactory and great experience. The Maharaj and tour manager on the tour were awesome and well behaved. Viral bhai has a very humble nature and enjoyed his presence in the tour. I recommend everyone to experience this tour with forum worldwide.

Wikipedia Lodha

One of the most memorable trip of my life with foram world wide .we had joined for 19 July trip to Europe. Extremely satisfied with the services of foram . First of all our tour manager mr . Bhavin what a wonderful person he is. Very helping , polite , caring and honest . All the sight seeings were covered with proper timings . Specially the food arrangements were great. As I prefer only pure veg jain food they had prepared the food with extra care and hygiene . They had covered almost all the varieties and dishes of our choice . I would thank ms bhakti also for her cooperation. I would recommend others also to plan their trip with foram world wide . My next trip would be definitely with froam world wide. Many thanks to bhavin and the entire team .

Chetan prakash Jain

Excellent food combined with great service from the tour manager makes Heena Tours the perfect choice for any travel destination. I went on a tour to Europe with my family through them and we really enjoyed it to the core. Thanks to Bhavin Timbadiya, our tour manager who ensured best service to us at all times during the tour. Only suggestion from my side would be to keep hotels in Amsterdam and Paris near the city centre as both places have a wonderful night life and travelling from the outskirts to the city centre is super expensive and time consuming at the same time.

Priyanshu Doshi

our europe tour of September was very nice . our tour escort Bhavin was very helpful & knowledgeable He made our tour memorable Food prepared by Maharaj was very yummy Thanks Foram worlwide for giving us memorable tour

Kalpesh Shah

Me and my family went to The glimpse of Europe tour, we thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. The food was excellent with new variety everyday. Our tour manager, Mr. Bhavin Timbadia was very helpful and guided us in every way possible to make our trip smooth and unforgettable. Thank you for always being patient and understanding. Apart from that, all the tour members were also very friendly and they became our extended family during the trip. Can't wait for our next trip with Foram tours with Bhavin bhai as our manager. Thank you for a memorable trip.

Hina Mehta

We thoroughly enjoyed our trips with Foram tours. Our tour Manager Jay Desai had done all the arrangements very well. His planning during the entire 18 days trip was very much helpful and on point. His before hand europe travel experience was used to make Our trip smooth and very nice. He had even thought of making our bus journey fun by making us play games, movies and dun conversations. His speaking skills and anchoring was also very good. Next up food was very delicious. Maharaj made us new varieties and gave us home like food. A/c bus provided us to was also very spacious and comfortable. Didn’t feel any discomfort or motion sickness. Through this tour we found some great company and a wonderful group we had fun travelling with.

Kamlesh Savla

Tour Date: 5th July 2022 Tour to USA Me and my wife went to USA and both of us had a good experience with Foram Shah and Jay Desai. All the arrangements and hospitality was amazing but most important is caring nature and the way you handle all the senior citizen. You really always motivated us for all the things to do on tour and that made us see wonderful USA. Our one sightseeing was not been done due to weather issue and Ms.Foram Made sure we get our refund back and we collected. We are taking wonderful memories of USA given by Foram Worldwide.

Harish Vora

We availed Europe tour starting from July 18th. It was wonderful experience through Foram tours. They took care of everything nicely and homely. Tour Manager Mr Bhaveen was extremely polite and caring. His knowledge and caring attitude made the tour experience more comfortable. The support team was also cooperative and the Indian cook during the tour completely took care of homely preparations. Overall it was too good to tour this joyful journey through this FWT. One thing they can improve is the stay at Switzerland. We would love to tour again through them.

Sunil Bansal

Our Vietnam tour with Foram Worldwide was a hugely enjoyable experience. Every detail was taken care of very nicely right from the stay to food to sightseeing. The staff at Vietnam was very cordial, caring and efficient. All in all a great experience with great friends.

Ajit Lalwani

We really enjoyed our first trip to USA. Tour provided and worked hard for the best food and best hotels as an accommodation. We really enjoyed the people in the tour. They all took a great care. Extremely timely on everything. Good excursion but it could be better. Overall experience was unforgettable.

Jinal Ajmera

Superb Food from Maharaj with different varieties and One and only our Team Leader, Tour Manager, Guide Mr. JAY DESAI was very cooperative and have family feeling nature.

Ankit shah Sacheta

We went to usa west coast and we enjoy lot . Foram tour hospitality was best . Bus , food mainly our group was excellent. Kaushik mehta

Kaushik Mehta

The tour to Canada was excellent. We all were a very nice group like a family. The tour covered all the important scenic points and everything was inclusive. We did not have to spend a single penny. Our tour guide Mr. Sahil Purohit was a gem of a person. He was friendly, soft spoken and informative, covered all the history of the important points. The food was delicious. I would definitely like to recommend Foram Worldwide Tours to my relatives and friends. Overall, it was a magnificent and comfortable tour with amazing beauty of the nature, in short, " A HEAVEN ON EARTH."

Dr Bipin Vashi

For jain food best tours in europe, Mr.bhavin give super service during tour ,all hotel also good except interlaken hotel.


USA west tour was one of best tours of my life. The tour manager Mr.Jay Desai so accommodating and helpful. We got Indian food every day for lunch and dinner and breakfast. I would anytime go with Forum tours because it felt like family.


We had gone to Dubai via foram on 27/9/2022. Provided best tourism services.. Followed their commitment and also informed about the site seeing which are available now. Provided best food as we are Pure veg. Abhay bhai, Sanket bhai guided us properly and also cooperated us for whole tour and also explained each and everything in detail. All thanks to Dhruv bhai as well. For upcoming international tour will suggest to go with Foram/Heena tours.. All the best Abhay Bhai, Sanket Bhai and Dhruv Bhai...

Sagar Shah

We recently went to Turkey ???????? arranged by Foram Worldwide. The trip was organised very well and had a great time. Kudos to Kishan and Onur for being very good hosts. Can say I’ll travel again with FWW.

Tejas Gandhi

Foram tours' Glimpses of Europe is an excellent tour . It is very well organized, all attractive locations are covered and the tour managers are very good. Besides food provided is awesome. The tour managers are very good and cooperative but specifically Jay Desai is the best who is very informative, always accessible and goes out of the way to help. I would recommend the tour to others who are interested to visit Europe and enjoy good Indian veg food at the same time.

Kapil Gupta

Excellent Trip.. Best tours. Excellent service and the tour manager treated us like our own. From giving deposit for the trip to returning home from the holiday… each and every service excellent by heena tours.

Mansi Shah

We selected West Coast trip of America for my family of 4 adults starting from 24 May 2022. Entire trip was fabulous n memorable. Thanks to Foram and her team to make all possible comfort on food, stay, transportation n site seeing places. We are extremely happy with the tour. We look forward further trips with Foram for sure. All the best.

Milan Shah

Me nd My Husband Rushab had just travelled to 7/6/22 Grand Europe Tour with our Tour Guide Mr. Jay Desai...This was our First Tour with Foram world wide nd it was Awesome as all the arrangements,tour nd food was superb..Our Tour Guide Mr.Jay has made our trip memorable one as he was always there for us as a family member nd given us correct guidence during our tour...we r very Happy nd satisfied with our tour ,nd Tour Guide Jay's Hospitality... We r jain so during our tour to Europe we were served very delicious jain food nd Thanks u foram worldwide,Mr Jay nd Rajasthani maharaj for wonderful tour . Wishing to have nxt tour wid foram worldwide soon

Krupa Rushab Shah

Our Grand USA trip covering East and West was amazing..Everthing in the tour..Sighseeing, Meals and the services of our friendly tour guide was beyond our expectation..We relly had a fantastic US holiday..Thank you Jai Desai for all your frindly help qnd support..We will definately wish to trqvel qgqin with Foram in the future.

Khuzema Amthaniwala

We visited Europe with FORAM worldwide and it was wonderful journey .we loved their hospitality , their food and most importantly our tour guide Jai Desai who manages us all very well and guided us properly throughout the journey . He’s personal touch to his duty makes things very good . Yaa and our sales person Bhakti Mehta helps in every way possible with lots of calls , discussions and makes us satisfied with every question we asked . Thank you soo much for making our first trip the bestes

Kejal Bhansali

Our recent Turkey trip was awesome. It is arranged by FORAM WORLDWIDE.The entire team of FWW is fabulous . From the starting to the end u both were amazing . Mr. Kishan purohit and Chef Mr. sampat both were amazing . Mr. Kishan ji always take care of us . He is like energy boost for all of us throughout the journey . Chef Mr. Sampat cooks delicious food that we don't even miss our home food . The food was delicious and the best part is they made it with proper hygeine & They carry their whole utensils from India. Whenever I will plan our next trip I will only and only travel with FWW

Rohit Bhansali

Hi foram First of all congratulations on completing our u.s. tour So nicely & very compitantly. We enjoyed like anything. Food sightseeing,hotels Everything was up to the mark.Niraj bhai was very compitant & helpful Foram hats off to you that at a very small age you perform so excellently. Previously we had been to other agencies with whom We travelled but with your tour it was unique & different experience..we hope & wish to travel frequently with you In future.keep it up & all the Best .mehaan son of foram is our youngest tour manager who is always helpful to each and everyone. We hope to travel with mehaan in future

Purvi Mehta

Had full tour of USA with memorable days. Arrangements like transportation-hotel stay-all three times pure veg and jain foods also covered most of the places which we were wishing to visit in USA. Become new family friend from many different regions. Thanks to Forum Worldwide Tours and his team. Dilip Panchal-Ankleshwar

Dilip Panchal

*Vietnam tour,* Just wanted to say that our trip to Vietnam by *Foram* *Worldwide* Tours was fabulous and we enjoyed a lot. We didn't face any issue. I am much satisfied with the trip organized by Foram. Special thanks to *Mr.Jai* *Desai* our tour manager who accompanied us, is very very cooperative, helped round the clock, prompt in solving any query, very energetic and always smiling. More so delicious variety *Jain food* prepared by *Sampat Maharajji* (cook) was relished by every group member,made this tour *immemorable.* We will look forward for another trip with Foram, Jai and Sampat in future.

Dr. Basant Lunia

We traveled South Africa on 14th May-22 for 13N & 14D in a group of 42 People with an amazing best experience. A perfect Itinerary with delicious food, Wonderful tour manager Mr.Jayesh bhai Jordaar made all of us homely feel by giving a personal care to each & everyone. There are many tour operators may be offering similar or near by package for SA but I will recommend above all FORAM WORLDWIDE for its hospitality by Tour Mangers Jayesh & also local guide at Cape Town Mr Taufeek for giving extra care.

Prasam Shah

My trip with Foram was incredible. We had the most wonderful experience in California. To travel in the US can sometimes get lonely. Having this large fun loving group that Foram brought with us was truly enjoyable. We wanted the trip to never end.

Bharat Thakkar

Experienced Foram world wide hospitality USA trip in July 2022 and really enjoyed in all aspects.More human touch comes from the management than professionalism. So much food options offered that everyday we need to guess what will be the surprise today??? Special thanks to Ms Foram shah and Mr Jay Desai taking care during the tour.

Ravi Goradia

Very professional, Foram Worldwide Tours. Stayed with schedule even we had storm by making up. Hot Indian breakfast, lunch and dinner even last evening of the trip. I highly recommend you to experience the excitement and Entertainment.

Urmikant Sheth

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness Thanks to @foramworldwidehospitality for our wonderful trip, everything was on point , hotels , food was amazing thanks to our maharaj who did special preparation for our choviyar where ever it was possible he made delicious food for all of us specially undhu and jalebi, special thanks to our tour guide @jay desai bhai for making our trip memorable always ready to help. Best tour & best trip definitely planing all my future trips with them .

Vatsal Dedhia

We just completed USA WEST tour with foram worldwide. It was amazing and all our family members enjoyed a lot. Tour management was excellent due to which no hassle was there. Credit goes to Mr. Jay desai , our tour manager, who ensured everything well coordinated. He was very friendly and he made sure each an everyone of us enjoyed heartily. He made this trip memorble for us.We are really happy and look forward to tour with him again .

Kunjan Shah

#USAdiaries Heading home after a mesmerising, rejuvenating and most deserved holiday. From the green mountains to the concrete ones. Leaving behind the sounds of the forests, the clouds and the fogs,the gushing of the streams and waterfalls, the clean and fresh air, the relaxed way of life , and heading towards home sweet home. Thankyou Mr Jay Desai & Forum Shah...hope to continue our Journey of many Holidays over and over again.

Alifya Khuzema

We (Kanakbhai and Vimlaben Vamja) had a great time touring with Jai Desai. He is very knowledgeable and time punctual. Food was really tasty and tour plan was excellent. Looking forward to see these team again next year or so.

Akash Patel

Our recent Turkey trip was arranged by FWW. The entire team of FWW right from Customer support to Tour manager Mr. Kishan Purohit and Chef Mr. Sampat was amazing. They are very very humble and responsive. The Veg food on entire trip was delicious. Luxury Coach and guide throughout the trip was very very good. I wish to travel with FWW again and again.

Rajendra Jain

Tour- South Africa, May 2022 Manager- Mr jayesh The tour manager was amiable, hardworking and very helping. Be it, accommodations, food, bus rides, instructions, i’m pretty sure he is memorable just like the trip was. He was always there to help. I have no words for how great he has been. Hats off to him and the whole crew of Foram. Its a quality of tour and quality of time with them. Mr jayesh was always there by our side helping us out and we’re more than grateful to him for that. It means so much to our family. Not only he helps us regarding things included in tour but also gives us helpful suggestions. What better than this? Perfect 5 and a perfect memory. Thankful to Foram, Mr jayesh and the crew

Jiya Trivedi

Iceland tour was dreamland tour in September 2022. Superb group members. Hospitality was excellent. Presence of Foram makes a difference. Hotels were upto the satisfaction marks.Lifetime memorable experience my Blessings for their progress

Bhagirathbhai Modi

Absolutely wonderful. We enjoyed a lot on USA tour by Foram worldwide and with Mrs Foram herself. Foram was very humble and ready to help always. We enjoyed almost everything on card. The selection of places and executions was good along with food. Last but not the least “the group “ was excellent, although we met in tour first time, we enjoyed like a family. Our children made very good friends and had a nice experience. I do recommend everyone to have such experience. Dr Bhavesh Hirpara Surat.

Bhavesh Hirpara

Hi FORAM and Jay, Firstly let me congratulate you for doing a splendid job of providing pure Gujarati veg. meals in a country like Iceland and especially in remote areas. Your unique idea of “kitchen van” deserves a special applaud. In my 80 years I have travelled extensively and your efforts of conducting tours with special focus on Gujarati crowds is commendable. Though for my age group your tour was a bit hectic and without any free time, I understand your intention of covering as much as possible on the tour. We wish you a very good luck and success in your life and May you “keep on trucking”!!!

Ajit Inamdar

Our recent trip to Grand Europe with Heena Tour was nothing but a dream come true for our family. Beyond satisfied and happy I would really like to highlight a few things- our tour guide Jay Desai was the main reason for this entire trip. He was there throughout guiding and showing us the best of places with all the relevant details. He always started the day with positivity and energy. Great thanks to Heena tour, maharaj Uncle and most importantly Jay Desai. Looking forward for our next trip with Heena tours again.

Shikha Savla

We are 68-69 years young couple. We had a superb and most memorable Turkey Tour, with Foram Worldwide. Tour Manager Jay Desai & Owner Viral Shah provided us all with perfect blend of hospitality & support, all throughout our 12 days tour. The itenary was meticulasly planned and executed to perfection. Manager Jay Desai was a bubly, leader with ample of enthusiasm and thorough knowledge of the places & shopping, as well as of travel procedures & formalities. He helped all senior group members like us filling out Air Suvidha forms, till very late night. Here, we must mention the other efficient tour, support team members, Cook & very knowledgeable & good narrator, Local Turkish Guide Ahyan. Most importantly, Foramben the Boss & Bhakti beta, who provided us with minutest details & requirements. In fact, we would recommend Foram Worldwide to one all, for their reliability & professionalism. God bless Foram Team Purnima & Rajul Lokhandwala, Versova, Mumbai.

Rajul Lokhandwala

Excellent organisation of Iceland tour with delicious Indian meals. Amazing sightseeing. Very approachable and friendly tour guide. Highly recommend them and will definitely consider future abroad holidays with them.

Indravadan Shah

Thanks for Jay Desai for helping all of us.it was a great experience with you all. First time we 14 seniors citizens booked our trip from Foram World Wide form Europe with London and it was amazing. Dharini from Surat office and Bhakti from Bombay office helped us so much with booking questions. Big thank you to Jay Desai for making this tour fun and amazing with the service experience,food and giving us good time in sight seeing to taking good care of specially seniors citizens. I would definitely recommend Jay Desai for all of The above looking forward to book another tour with Jay Desai

Satish Patel

So I would strongly strongly recommend foram worldwide to everyone . We had recently booked our tour for Dubai 6n7d . The tour was superb . As this was our first international tour we were very anxious about how will the food be ? Will they complete all the sightseeing mentioned in their brochure and what not . But the entire journey with foram was very good . We started our conversation with Dhruv where he guided us in very good manner . He was always there to listen out our queries and help us out in all possible manner . As soon as we reached Dubai their tour guide Abhay bhai met us . He is so so cooperative and treated all of us as his own family member . From coordinating with sightseeing, food management Abhay bhai and Sanket bhai were so helpful . We had a good bond between the other group member where on the last day everyone was feeling not to go back to home . Food was awesome and was like our own house. Kudos to Ravi maharaj for yummy food . They had covered each and every sightseeing mentioned in brochure . Overall i would strongly give feedback as following :- Special kudos to Abhay bhai , Dhruv and Sanket bhai !! Soon to go on next tour with Foram Worldwide

Mokshada Shah

It was really wonderful to travel European countries through Heena Travels( The Foram Worldwide). The arrangement, right from booking till departure was awesome. We really had good cooperation from Bhakti(Sales Executive) before departure and had excellent tour guide MR. Jay with us, who made our tour plan memorable and unforgettable. I again hope to travel through Heena Travels soon with my friends and wish them all the best.

Rajesh Balai

We just took tour of Iceland on Aug 29th to Sept 7 2022 with Foram. It was an awesome tour . Tour was well arranged, Indian vegetarian food prepared by chef on site throughout the tour was excellent. Executive Weather my pictures tell rest of the story.

Harshad Patel

Tour- South Africa, July 2022 Manager- Jayeshbhai The tour manager was amiable, hardworking and very helping. Be it, accommodations, food, bus rides, instructions, i’m pretty sure he is memorable just like the trip was. He was always there to help. Jayeshbhai always ate food after we had finished eating. I have no words for how great he has been. Hats off to him and the whole crew of Foram. Its a quality of tour and quality of time with them. Jayeshbhai was always there by our side helping us out and we’re more than grateful to him for that. It means so much to our family. Not only he helps us regarding things included in tour but also gives us helpful suggestions. What better than this? Perfect 5 and a perfect memory. Thankful to Foram, Mr Jayesh and the crew

Nehal Patel

Foram Worldwide Tours is the Best Travel company. Our tour to Iceland was the best experience. We were all fortunate to explore each and everything from the itinerary. We also had a chance to see Northern Lights two days in a row. Owner Mrs Foram Shah has also accompanied us and She showed us all the excursions and explained everything in detail. Manager Jay Desai was always there to help and guide each and every members of the group. Jay was very co operative and managing Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner in time. They provided delicious food all the time - The Driver of our coach was an Islanders who was very kind and explained the surrounding areas in detail. Overall this was an amazing excellent time we spent in Iceland.

Mina Chavda

Thank you for organizing our splendid first trip to USA. My Spouse and I had a great joy in spending each day with new adventure and entertainment. I highly appreciate all other friendly tour members that you registered with us. In no time all these strangers including you became such good friends. I can gladly say we made an extended family during this trip. You being the owner took complete responsibility of our well being at all times. The extra efforts which you took by providing us the videos of certain new services is applauding. Over all the trip was fun and more enjoyable than expected. Thank you for constant patience and understanding. We are soon going to plan another trip with you!

Chetan Shah