• Before submitting the passport to Foram Worldwide, kindly keep the photo copies with you.
  • The passport is your only proof of identification abroad. Safeguard it! Do not ever lose it.


  • Passport & photocopies, woollens as per temperature of the respective countries, handy cam, digital camera, mobile, laptop, I-pod, chargers, insurance policy, toiletries, sun screen lotion (SPF 30+), sunglasses, reading glasses, cold cream, medicines (if any) with doctor’s prescription, extra batteries/memory chips (they are generally expensive abroad, so buy before travel only), calculator, sea sickness tablets & umbrella.
  • Footwear: Make sure your footwear is very comfortable. Sports shoes are recommended. Formal Shoes needed for Casino entry, floaters for beach activities.


  • For Air travel, one big check-in suitcase weighing 20kg & a hand bag up to 6kg per person is allowed. We suggest to carry stroller suitcase & keep one of clothes in your hand bag for emergency.
  • Things not allowed in Cabin Luggage (Hand Bag): Hair dryer, cream/razor/aftershave lotion, cosmetics, liquors, perfumes/body sprays, batteries, tissues/baby napkins, liquids including water, etc. Containers over 100ml of toothpaste, Hair Oil/Gel/Cream/Shampoo, etc. even if partially full are not allowed in hand bag. If carried in small quantities it must be in transparent, sealable plastic bag. These things can be cleared in large quantity in Check-in baggage.
  • While departing on a holiday/tour do not carry valuables, restricted items or dutiable items.


  • Please be at the airport 3 hours before flight departure.
  • You will be given your passport & air tickets at the airport.
  • For security reasons, airline do not allow group check in. Each family member has to check in individually.


  • Flight seats are generally pre-allotted by airlines & Foram Worldwide does not have control. You as an individual can request the airline executive during check in for a particular seat.
  • All in flight services, such as meals, audio-video entertainment, call facilities provided vary as per the respective airline.
  • It is advisable to wear a sweater if you cannot bear the cold in flight.
  • Drink sufficient water and do some stretching exercises to avoid aches and pain during long duration flights.
  • Fill the disembarkation form before landing.


  • Before leaving the aircraft, ensure you have all your belongings with you like passport, hand bag, mobile, etc.
  • Proceed to arrival/immigration/baggage collection area with your manager.
  • Few tours or guests may have to do the ‘On Arrival Visa’ process.
  • Wait in the queue for immigration with passport & disembarkation form.
  • Show documents to immigration authority and answer their queries politely.
  • After immigration, proceed to baggage collection belt to collect your baggage, listen to your tour manager’s instructions.
  • Come out of the airport with the group through the green channel.
  • Follow tour manager to the coach & load your baggage with the help of the coach driver.
  • Set your watches to the local time of the destination.


  • Please ensure your presence at the coach departure time to avoid delaying the group.
  • Coach drivers are often called Coach Captains & we request you to be polite to them.
  • Always keep the front row seats vacant for the tour managers & guide.
  • Kindly note that eatables/eating are/is not allowed in coach.


  • As per Indian customs rules, duty free allowance per person is INR 25000. In addition to this each traveller can carry one laptop, 2ltrs of liquor & 200 cigarettes. If the traveller crosses the above limit of Duty free purchase, he/she will have to pay the applicable duty on arrival at Indian Airport.


  • Guest can carry USD 3000 in cash, USD 7000 as Travellers’ Cheque & INR 5000.


  • Please do not carry any valuables on tour. Please take care of your currency, passport and other valuables like camera, mobiles, etc. Foram Worldwide will not be responsible for any such losses.


  • Rooms are pre-allotted by the hotel management. Tour Manager distributes the room keys on arrival, in the hotel lobby. He will inform you about his room number so that it is easy to contact him in any emergency.
  • Identify & tag your baggage with the room. You need to take your luggage to your rooms on your own.
  • Rooms generally have a mini bar, television, bath tub/shower etc.
  • Kindly note that before checking out from the hotel, you have to settle your room bills for the items consumed from the mini bar, pay TV channels used, any damages to hotel property caused by you or by any of the family members, if any and for any hotel service used that is not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Keep your money, passport and other valuables in room safety locker or reception safety lockers. Do not keep valuables or money in your bags.
  • We strongly recommend you not to carry valuables on tour.
  • Avoid currency exchange at the hotel as generally the rates are high.
  • Tour manager will always inform you about morning alarms, breakfast time, breakfast hall, departure time, etc. Please follow his instructions to avoid confusion & group delay.
  • If you take any hotel items like beach towels outside, please remember to return it or you will be charged for the same during your check-out.


  • Single Travelers should pay single occupancy charge and take a single room
  • Room sharing partner facility is extended to single travellers to avoid single occupancy charge and its subject to availability.
  • The partners have to adjust with each other, as Foram Worldwide cannot guarantee you for the behaviour of any individual.
  • If one of the room - sharing partner cancels due to any circumstances then the remaining partner has to pay single occupancy charges.


  • Be on time at the coach while leaving the hotel & at the sightseeing places, follow the schedule and sightseeing time. Your delay will disturb the schedule and cause inconvenience to the entire group. Please avoid it.
  • Listen to the instruction given by the tour manager or local guide to avoid confusion.
  • Always be with the group. Follow the tour manager & Foram Worldwide Flag for easy identification in crowded areas.
  • Never leave your hand bags/valuables unattended and avoid giving them to anybody while visiting washrooms or taking photographs.
  • Please keep the tickets/passes that you are given till the show or sightseeing ends.
  • For the full day sightseeing where a lot of walking is involved, we suggest you to wear good sport shoes. Avoid high heel sandals.
  • Every family member should have tour manager’s mobile number, hotel contact details, tour program and Foram Worldwide emergency contact number.
  • Sightseeing inclusions are as per the price & category of the tour.


Q: What is the deposit amount to book the tour?

A: Rs. 35000/- per person.

Q: When do I have to pay the balance amount?

A: 25 days prior to the date of departure.

Q: What are the documents required to book the tour?

A: i. Copy of passport (your passport must be valid for a minimum of six months from the date of travelling) ii. Deposit amount by cheque or in cash

Q: Can I book the tour now if my passport is not ready?

A: It is advisable to book your tour only after your passport is ready to avoid the cancellation charges. It takes about 45 working days to get a new passport. You can even apply for a Tatkal passport. We can assist you with your passport application.

Q: How do I make the payment?

A: Payment can be made by Cheque / in Cash or you can transfer the money into our bank account. If you are located abroad, you can remit the money into our bank account.

Q: What are the cancellation charges?

A: In the event of a tour participant cancelling his or her booking, the following fees become payable. Note 1 This will hold good only on presentation of the original receipt. Transfer from one tour to another will be treated as a cancellation. Note 2 All requests for cancellations must be received in writing and signed by the tour participant who made the original booking. In case you have to withdraw from a tour after it has begun for reasons such as illness, make sure to obtain a medical certificate in support of any insurance claim. We regret that we shall not be able to make refunds for your absences from a tour or for any missed sightseeing. Costing and airfare for all tours are based on departure from Mumbai, unless mentioned otherwise. Passengers opting for boarding flights from other places will have to pay the difference in airfare, if any, and will have to bear the expenses of transportation from airport to hotel and vice-versa without any reduction in the tour price on this account. The facility of offering the option of boarding a flight from other places will be solely at our discretion. We will, in no circumstances, be liable for any loss of baggage, goods, air tickets, passport, cash, travellers' cheques, or any other travel document or item owned by the passenger while on tour, howsoever caused. No refund is permissible on partially unutilized air tickets or ground arrangements.

Q: What happens if I cancel my tour after paying the deposit?

A: The deposit of Rs. 35,000/- is non-refundable.

Q: Can I postpone the date of my travel?

A: You have to pay cancellation charges as applicable if you postpone the date of your travel. After deducting the cancellation charges, the balance amount will be transferred towards your new tour.

Q: What is the procedure for obtaining visas?

A: These are the basic requirements:
  • Your passport must be valid for 6 months from the date of travelling
  • I.T. challans (last 3 years)
  • Bank Statement (last 6 months)
  • Proof of studying (if children/students are travelling with you) Our sales executive will assist you in getting the exact list of the documents required for the tour you have booked

Q: Do we have to come personally for the visa?

A: In case of visas for USA, UK, or FRANCE you need to go personally for an interview and to give your finger prints. For other countries, we can submit the visa application on your behalf. You will have to appear personally only if asked by them.

Q: Do you give any guarantee for the visas?

A: We are unable to give any guarantee for your visas. We can only submit the visa application on your behalf. The respective consulate may ask for a personal interview, or may reject your visa.

Q: Can I apply again if my visa is rejected once?

A: In most of our tours, one-time visa fee is included. If your visa is rejected, you can apply again, but the second time's visa fees will have to be borne by you.

Q: What is the validity period of a visa?

A: It varies from country to country. Generally, visas are issued for the duration of your tour, but some countries issue visas valid for three months to two years.

Q: How can I get a visa of a longer validity?

A: We can assist you in getting a visa of a longer validity, but it is subject to approval from the consulate. Please contact our nearest office for the same.

Q: What is the reporting time at the airport?

A: For most international flights you need to report at least 3 hrs prior to the departure time.

Q: What is the baggage allowance?

A: Generally, all airlines allow 5 kgs hand baggage and 20 kgs check in baggage.

Q: Can I travel before the departure of the tour?

A: In our tour cost, we do not have any Air Tickets included. It always has to booked separately which we or you yourself can do it. So you can travel on any date before the tour departure.

Q: What type of hotel accommodation is provided?

A: Generally, we use 3 to 5-star hotels, depending on the tour. Names of most of the hotels are mentioned in our tour itinerary.

Q: Do you put us up at the same hotels as mentioned in the itinerary?

A: We always try and get you the same hotels. In case we have to change any hotel for any reason, we maintain the same category.

Q: What are the seating arrangements on the coach?

A: Seating on the coach is assigned on a rotation system. Out of fairness to all passengers, we do not accept special seating requests for the motor coach for any reason, and we expect your full participation in the rotation system.

Q: Are there any toilet facilities in the coach?

A: No, Frequent sightseeing and rest stops will be made in order to allow you a comfortable traveling experience.

Q: Do you allow eating and drinking in the coach?

A: We do not allow eating and drinking in the coach for reasons of cleanliness and hygiene

Q: What type of food is provided on the tour?

A: We provide pure vegetarian Gujarati/Marwari meals for lunches & dinners prepared by our own Foram Worldwide Maharaj’s except in the tours of America. Breakfasts are provided by the hotels where you stay and that will be continental/English breakfast.

Q: Is drinking water provided with the meals served to us?

A: Normal drinking water will be served to you with the meals. You can get mineral water /soft drinks on extra payment.

Q: Is travel insurance included?

A: Your travel insurance is included in few of our packages which will cover personal injury, death, medical expenses, repatriation expenses & evacuation expenses.

Q: How much foreign exchange can Guest carry on tour?

A: As per RBI rules and circulars, the Basic Travel Quota (BTQ) per financial year is US$ 10000 or equivalent per person (maximum Cash up to 3000 USD and 7000 USD by Travellers cheque)

Q: Is the Guest required to carry multiple currencies depending upon countries they are going to visit during the tour?

A: If the local currency of the country you are visiting is easily available in India, you can carry it on your tour. But Euro and USD are globally accepted currencies and can be easily exchanged in any part of the world.

Q: In a group tour will the tour manager assist the Guest on the entire tour?

A: Tour manager will assist the Guest throughout the tour as per the scheduled pick up and drop locations. However, tour managers will not be responsible for Guest baggage or their personal belongings.